Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Lewks

A few lewks from this long weekend when we take some time to remember those who fell in the service of duty to this country and celebrate what they was fighting for...

Trying my hand at collages.  This one features my lovely red, white, and blue outfit with a DIY Adidas shirt, a vintage plaid pleated skirt, cheapo Ebay socks, and super cheap killer Adidas shoes from Ebay.  I'd been eyeing a sweet 70s pair, but these were a later version that were soooooo inexpensive and my size.  That star spangled trefoil on the back tho...

Old wife-beater tank and cheap cotton bells with stars bought on the last trip to NYC.

Handmade 6 inch platforms with a wooden heel.  More for show than for walking. I mean, they're totally for walking I'm just clumsy. 

Candyman put on a red, white, and blue jersey!!

Also, just a typical vintage Indian skirt and tons of jewelry!
Popping over to Patti's Visible Monday!

Love & Light,



  1. Love it. I love it all. Every single bit of it dadgummit.

  2. Dying over the can't-walk-in''em platforms and the Indian ensemble. You are too cool. xxx

  3. Those are the best pants I've ever seen in my life.

  4. The platforms are gooorgeous and I love those comphy looking star plants. All beautiful outfits. :)