Friday, May 27, 2016

Sexy Sadidas

So this is me trying to take a cool pic of my Sadidas hat.  I used a filter.

I was waiting to go out and decided to wear what I like to call a Kelly Bundy dress.  It's a late 80s/early 90s green velvet tight dress. This one is long sleeve and emerald green.  I also wore one of my vintage 60s crosses I got from the Oldsmar Flea Market.  Plus, my engraved 'Rebecca' silver heart locket and lots of rings.

My horrible hair.  One of the reasons I def needed to wear a hat.  My roots are like 2 or 3 inches long and I just can't afford a salon visit right now and trust me, it takes a professional for me to be blonde. Plus, I think the hat sort of off sets the sexy dress in a good way.

This is my 'Panda' coat lol that I first showed in this post.  I wore it a bunch over winter and it was super cheap from Rugged Warehouse.  People literally try to pet my arms when I wear it.  It's that soft.  It was kind of cool that night so I decided to bust the coat back out!

Trying to get a good pic so you can see how green this velvet dress really is because it looks so dark in my ridiculously bad pics :(

Since it was unexpectedly chilly again last week I decided to bust out my thick thigh high socks!!  I hiked the dress up a little for u so u can see some leg.  U know u likey ;)
I actually have short thick legs.  It's not the 'ideal'.  The only good part is that I can usually get my butt to get pretty big if I eat a lot and work out, so there is that upside!

Wearing the platform YRU shoes that I've had a few years.  Don't bust them out a lot.  I showcased them here before in this post.

Here is a Sadidas story.  One day Candyman and I took all the kids roller skating and his 10 year old son fell.  He was a little hurt and sad and my 6 year old daughter, Baby Dream aka Coco Loco, ran up to him to see if he was ok.  He shook his head no at the time.  She reached down to pat him on the shoulder and looked him in the eyes and said, "That is sooooo Sadidas" in a super sympathetic voice. This little guy loves Adidas and Puma as much as we do and it was the PERFECT context for the word.  He started cracking up through his tears and everything was all good.  We all got up to keep rollerskating.

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P.S. I love memes and I think I'll just share one with you.  It's honestly one of the reasons I love Instagram so much.  The meme factor.


  1. I love the story of Sadidas. We know a guy who wears the old school Adidas and looks really bad in it - I think I'm going to have to call him it - he won't even care!
    The green velvet and thigh high socks are so what I used to wear, you look fab.
    Love the super furry animal, too.
    Root powder. Look on Amazon. I'm sure they do it in platinum blonde. Best product ever. xxx

  2. Much as I like the hat, I love your HAIR, roots and all. Wear it proudly!

  3. Love your Sadidas hat and so happy to see your beautiful photo pop up on Hat Attack. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh I had never seen a "Sadidas" cap before. Very cool.

  5. You rock in that hat! I like your roots too, but I agree that blonding is a complicated job. So just enjoy what you got! xox