Saturday, May 21, 2016

The only class I have...

are these 2 class rings!!!

Pointer finger has the bf's class ring on it.  We went to the same high school and the mascot was a cowboy.  Back in the day he used to have 2 guns, but PC kicked in and they unarmed him...  This class ring still has the original cowboy mascot with the guns lolol.
I keep a stacker ring on top because it's loose.  Middle finger is a vintage 90s poison ring and my ring fingers are also my 90s rings that I wear together.  Somehow managed not to lose these.  I've lost 2 fav rings recently and a toe ring.  It's miserable to lose your fav jewelry.   Thumb ring is just a modern retail one.

Ring finger is vintage.  Middle finger is my mother's class ring from '69 and the pointer is a 90s silver ring recently bought in Florida.   Thumb ring is my mother's wedding ring that she gave me after my father passed away and I never take it off.  Pinky ring is costume from my bf that he found.

 Wearing a vintage 90s sheer Body Central brand top that is sort of Mondrian inspired print.  Vintage 80s black and gold leather belt.  Retail black stretchy skinny pants.

My 70s vintage thrifted studded black polyester jacket that I've been wearing since the 90s.  A lot of my old staples on today at once.

The back!

2 necklaces.  My bf's insanely awesome silver necklace that I wear like everyday and a vintage scorpion necklace.

I love scorpions.  People always ask me...  Are you a Scorpio?  And I'm like, NO.  But I am deadly.

Retail leather boots with gold accents that I've worn to pieces, but just love.

Distresses leather is the best.

We'll just leave this as a simple OOTD post.  Nothing too complicated.  It's late.  My mom is in town visiting.  I've eaten too much fried chicken and french fries.  Time for bed.  SATURDAY NIGHT PEOPLE mf Saturday night!

Hooking up to #iwillwearwhatilike!!!

Love & Light,



  1. Bangin' jewelry! That outfit is frigging sweet!

  2. Gorgeous jewellery, love it. Not sure what a class ring is, I'll have to Google it. xxx

  3. I, too, am a ring addict. You have quite a collection going on. I'm especially taken with the turquoise. Pretty on your hand.

    Damn, girl, you look so SKINNY!!!