Friday, June 24, 2016

We Out Here

Leaving Asheville and headed up to New York!

It was a super easy drive.  I didn't drive at all, so big shoutout to CandyMan who drove the whole way.  He did an awesome job.  He also constantly quizzed me on what each new state would be that we were driving thru...  I'm your typical American when it comes to geography.  I'm horrible. So that was always a laugh.  I'm sure it will be the same on the way back down lolol

We were headed to Candyman's Aunt's house at Hunter Mountain, but decided to stop for a quick bite first in Millford, PA at Dimmick's Inn

We split a Rueben, but there was a lot of stuff on the menu that seemed tasty.  I wasn't driving so I took a chance and ordered a Redd's Wicked Mango ale.  I LOVED IT!!

Cozy and comfy--perfect stop.  Hit the liquor store across the street obvi!!

Now headed to Hunter Mountain :D

We went to the cutest little juice bar recommended by Candyman's Aunt Elaine.  The owner Maggie was super cool.

I totally got an Oreo cake.

There were super cute shops.  Including this little one here.

My dream coat.  I couldn't afford it.  CRYING on the inside and the outside.

Even the trash cans are cute.

This is me in my most natural element LOLOL!!!
J/k.  I am outside and I took this lovely nature shot.  

CandyMan at the cute creek behind the Hunter house.

Huge hurricane came thru and knocked some trees down.  They know about hurricanes up here.

Really appreciative of CandyMan's lovely family for letting us stay :)

Northeast B.S. Adventures to continue...

Love & Light,



  1. Wishing you a magical time! And you should have bought the coat. Maybe on your way home...

  2. If you found a way to steal the coat, it would have been free...

  3. Hooray for road tripping and a willing driver. Hunter Mountain looks like the America I've seen in Westerns! x