Monday, July 11, 2016

Tova K

I've been feeling fashionably challenged and uninspired---bored with my clothes---bored with style---so I'm turning back to my old fashion inspo sources.  I first saw Tova K in a StyleLikeU video shown here---seriously plz take a look!!!

I used to watch these videos constantly for inspo.
Her IG is fantastic---all these pics are from here feed here!!!

Her accessory and textile and print mixing is beyond next level.

I'm OBSESSED with this shirt of hers here:

And also this look she posted----I would wear this from head to toe LOVE IT:

Turning to all u in blogger land to inspire me to get dressed and feel good about it.  It sucks when you're not vibing with your closet.
I've also scheduled an appt. with my hairdresser.  I had to cancel the last one months ago bcuz $$$, but I'm issuing a challenge to my self to squeeze in a hair day.  I feel like I've been doing fun stuff, but my lewks are suffering lol

Some goodies tho...  One day during our NY travels we decided to pop into a TJMaxx.  Now you know CandyMan and I both love Adidas and Puma, see some looks here, here, and here, and even though it's a box store---they happen to carry a LOT of Puma and Adidas stuff.  I had accidentally left CandyMan's Sadidas shirt in a friend's car the night we went to Queens and so we went looking for a replacement for him to wear and I spotted these PANTS:

I ran over to the rack when I saw the prints!!!!  I had a pair of men's LOUDMOUTH golf pants before shown here that I ended up getting rid of bcuz I didn't love the fit of the men's style.  But, these two pairs were AHHHHHMAZING!!!!!  I wanted them both but noooooo funds!!  I did get one pair. I'm sort of obsessed with red, white, & blue...  This actually prompted me to go ahead and get the rainbow pair bcuz I've done a lot of red, white, & blue lately.

The LEWK at mom's house on a Saturday night in Tampa LOLOLOL!!!
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Off to read blogs!!!!!

Oh yeah, but just in case u think I'm just too sexy, too cute, imma show a little more...

I had a busted varicose vein that was gnarly and so big it couldn't just be lasered, but had to be removed.  Super sexy thigh high compression sock!!!  Stitches!!!  I wore my long vintage Made in India skirt (last shown here) thrifted to hide the bandages. Happy to take them off today :)

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Love & Light,


P.S. v necessary meme time

I just want to say that I do like a few people that are running---but COUCH flavor.  I have straight laughed for like a year over that!!!!!  Good stuff.  Wait.  Hope I haven't already shared this one...


  1. LOTFLMFAO at the potato chips! And great style inspiration too. Thanks for linking up, xo


    1. I hate to admit that I actually feel like I know what COUCH flavor is!!!! Ewwwwwww lolol!

  2. Loving tghose crazy pants and that indian skirt. Hope that vein heals quickly. Ouch.
    Love Tova Kaye - Jean from Dross into Gold introduced me to her a couple of years ago. She's incredible.

    1. The pants and skirt are super fun!!! My leg is really sore but I'm totally mobile, so no complaints :D

  3. Well done on getting that medical thing over with! Ba-bye stupid vein! I hope you heal super fast. That faux fur outfit, I'm vibrating when I look at it. We need a matching set so we can frolick about town. Gaaa. And your pants, I don't have to tell you they are heaven.

    Haggis and watermelon? Hahaha. The guy who came up with that must be Canadian.

    1. That faux fur outfit has me vibrating at a higher level for sure!!!! Haggis and watermelon----wtf?!?!? lolol I like memes way too much. I'm most assuredly immature.

  4. After a 100 weight gain and being poor I'm not vibing my closet at ALL. I actually do not like my wardrobe and I'm trying to hard to rebuild it but I figured it'd be much easier if I just lose weight lol! I NEED that green indian skirt! Gimme!!

    1. Trust me I totally understand!! I lost a lot of weight a year ago and finding clothes my size that I like is a lot easier now!! This green skirt is one of my favorites of all time :)