Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School and soooooo HAPPY and Dogs in the Picture

So are the kids tho!!!  They're super excited.  They love getting their book-bags and seeing their friends.  Summer drives me a bit bonkers with work because it's the slow sales time, so I'm stoked the seasons changing and getting back into some fun and inexpensive second-hand styles--seeing what everyone is wearing---all the fall fashion!

One of the best things I did recently was get to visit my Grandma for the second year in a row.  When I used to live in Florida it was just such a long drive and I'm so much closer now.  The Wrecking Crew was mildly bored but happy racing small cars down my Grandma's wheelchair ramp in her garage and we got a lovely tour of Maxeys from my little cousin's son that lasted all of about 5 minutes lolol #smalltown

My mom was there, too.  She constantly worries about my Grandma's health and complains she doesn't eat enough veggies, but she's 85.  She doesn't eat veggies and one of her ovens is used to store candy and cookies.  But she's 85.  She doesn't care and eats what she wants no matter what my mom says.

I really like how tan the wood paneling makes up look!!!!

My Grandma has two of the most spoiled dogs and they're called Cocoa Puff and Cookie Dough.  She always wants them both in the picture, but it looks like we only got Cocoa Puff.  Or is that Cookie Dough???  Hard to tell rn. I like all the dogs in the family pic, too!!!  Last time I brought Foxy with me and it made Cocoa Puff extremely jealous!  He loves my Grandma <3

Now here is an amazing quality side-by-side studio collage shot of me modeling some summer lewks on IG. I get a lot of compliments on this strapless little cotton floral print dress.  So many compliments that a girl had me checking the tag and OH YEAH it's actually a F@dedGlory label from W@lmart that I got secondhand from Goodwill for $5.  But, I love it.  The first look on the right with second-hand wooden-sole heels from Banana Republic in Florida at my mother's house and I was still blonde!!!  Pic on the left is back at home and I'm a brunette wearing knee socks and sneakers. I dyed my hair just to switch it up, but also to go longer between getting my hair done, but the color faded quick.  It's so damaged. 

Nowwwww the election.  The fuck is going on in this US election?  Everyone's like don't talk about politics and I could care less about polite conversation, but I just don't even know how to talk about it seriously.  I just watch John Oliver and think about what everyone around the world must be thinking and then I laugh and then I freak out about the state of affairs that is the US government---I mean, this happens almost every election LOL, but this one seems more serious folks.  I did not see this coming.  

Checking all your blogs soon :D 

Love & Light,

Meme lyfe:

I think we can all agree he really captured something good with this portrait and it is not lost on me how he included his dogs...  As discussed b4 earlier in this very post.  And astronaut's are smart as fuck.

This next one is too real sometimes.  It's funny now, but not when it's happening. 

Or answer the door!!