Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cheap Fun

Although some people think I just dress absolutely random and crappy, I'm sort of really picky about what I'll wear.  A long time ago I saw the most perfect collar here for $165.  I LOVED it, but couldn't afford.

Flash forward to this one for $12.85 including shipping!!!

I am so glad the weather is getting cooler so I can wear it.  I will say you have to have a kind of long neck.  Or maybe just not a short neck.  If you think your neck is small this collar will be too big.  Not fashion-wise, but like, too tall for your neck.  

Sadidas hat info shown here.  Vintage silver jewelry as usualsss.

I've always liked big o-ring collars.  Some style aspects stay the same I guess. 
Old 90s pic in the collar I swear I should still have and can't find.  Nice borrowed and wrinkled dress!!!
This was for my bff's bday night years ago---soooo fun :D

Hooking up to Visible Monday!!!

Love & Light. 

Meme lyfe


For real.  Where are you, two???

Passwords are literally the worst.


  1. That's a wonderful photo of you! I had an almost identical bias cut satin dress in the 1990s, mine was in silver and made me feel like a mermaid.
    That choker is gorgeous, I'd wear it in a shot! xxx

    1. I still love a good choker!! Some things never change lolol <3 <3 <3