Monday, September 5, 2016

Dress Up Situations

What's your dress up look?

I showed one of my looks here with a strapless thrifted dress.  I tried on and thought about keeping both these looks below.
First the velvet Betsey Johnson dress:

Asymentrical, gorgeous colors, rich velvety texture.  Def one way to go.
Dress listed here.

Next is this flashy gold bodysuit.  Very glam with heels and I feel a sexy dress-up option if you're thinking outside the box or whatever.  

Bodysuit listed here.

This was me serving you some Sadidas realness here as my final but actual look for the day.  Completely oversized Urban Outfitters dress and neon yellow exposed strappy bra.

This dress below was part of my personal collection for ages despite the fact it's an xs and didn't fit.  I've squeezed into it, but it's just too small.  It's the most gorgeous 90s Cache label floaty black and brown velvet wood nymph asymmetrical draped neck looking number.

This dress listed here.

I'm actually laboring on this Labor Day weekend bcuz that is the nature of small biz :D
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Love & Light, 

Memes r it: 

I would also wear the shit out of this shirt.

Just everything about this hat and all the variations.  LOLOL


  1. I have to say I love all these looks - anything with a yellow bra showing, mega coolness factor. And I love that baseball cap! Hahaha!!

    1. It's a Victoria's Secret Braless sort of thing---love it!! So stretchy and comfy!!!

  2. My god. Your bling. Your bra. I am loving so much the hat and tshirt SO much. I think we have a thing for ever so slightly odd tshirts xoxoxoox

    1. I'm kind of obsessed with this bra!!!! Victoria's Secret Braless thing---like seriously the best!!

  3. I looove that body suit. Looks amazing on you and is amazing in general :D ! And love all the jewelry as usual, too!

  4. Wow, some fab dresses today! Love the gold slinky bodysuit. And the baseball cap! xox


  5. Love that first Betsey Johnson dress, but they are all fabulous pieces.
    Thanks for your comment - sorry to hear it though, Becky. Yeah, it's a tough one, right? I'll be in touch, sending love. xxx