Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grow Up Already!!!!!!!!!!

20 Trends You're Too Old To Wear But Actually Who Cares

I saw this article and thought wellllllll lemme see if I break the rules.

LOLOL it was like almost every rule.

Literally bins in my room overspilling with over-the-top denim.  See here, too.
More vintage 90s super tight and crazy jeans shown here on IG.

'Peek-A-Boo bra straps' are a NO apparently 

Entire bra showing in post here.

NO outrageous socks, platform footwear, and sleazy dresses.
That sums up a huge portion of my entire aesthetic.  

Below I'm breaking a number of rules including short cut-off shorts and crop-tops lolol

Let's not even discuss how all my shoe shopping ventures have me literally on  or something.  Srsly I stalk these silver glitter shoes lol!!!!!


I was going to all systematically go through this whole article showing how I don't follow any of the rules, but I'm already bored of my own post.  
Off to check blogs and see what you're wearing and doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooking up to Visible Monday!!

Love & Light, 

Meme Lyfe


This is just real.  I totally let other people how I'm dressing when we're going out.  I love a good outfit discussion believe u me 
But, for real tho I do.
I also enjoy hashtags. And memes.  I might luv IG a lil bit.  But, not enough to marry it.  


  1. You rock - you're the best rule-breaker around. Carry on!!

  2. When it comes to dressing I don't follow any trend, I dress however I want, but am usually wearing black clothing.

    I'm a Witch of Darkness, you're welcome to stop by my site as well, just click on my name and perhaps I'll see you there.

  3. I want to thank you from the bottom of my black-sequin and leopard-print heart, for breaking these bullshit rules. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  4. Articles like that make me laugh SO hard. You are an awesome rule breaker. (I'll be over here with my red lipstick and hoop earrings, because apparently after 30 women aren't allowed to have any fun. LOL!)

    1. I know!!!! I only read them occasionally because they're so funny, too :D
      I was actually surprised by how it was like almost everything on the article tho.

  5. Rules ... age ... im 51 years young and dresses like I want to ! You rock girl !

  6. Rules ... age ... im 51 years young and dresses like I want to ! You rock girl !

  7. People who write articles like that are like the little boys at school who used to pull your pigtails, they're just attention seekers and are best ignored until they crawl back into their holes. xxx

    1. Agreed!!! What's funny is how surprised I am still that I'm like in every category of wrong lololol It hasn't sunk in yet!!!!

  8. You go, rule-breaker! Rules are silly except when driving, when they are good. xox