Sunday, January 22, 2017

OUT OF THEIR WAY aka The Bizness

The Rundown: My mom was leaving our house to visit my Grandma about 3 hours away...  When she arrived she found some dresses in her mom's closet and persuaded her to pass them on to me.  She was less than 3 hours from me, but Sam was on her way from ATL and they met up and delivered some vintage dresses, yo!!!!!

All I'm saying is these ladies all went way OUT OF THEIR way to be generous and we put those dresses on right away!!!!!!

Link to the shop here!!!!  So many really reasonable priced dresses.  The first few I put up are large and extra large 60s dresses.  I think I have one or two more scooter style to list.

I have been continuously working and just stopped for a second this morning from listing and writing.   I'm glad CandyMan grabs and stops me for a second sometimes, and we'll look at each other.   We'll stop and ask if we really know how lucky we are, even to have the problems we have---we are always thinking about this whole family.

*******OUT OF THEIR WAY******
It's like a little reminder of who is constantly kind and generous.  I have a lot of good examples.  All my friends and family.  They go out of their way for others and their kindness trumps everything.  One of these ladies has been Grandma level filling a role of Chik-fil-A trips and one is driving all over a state to help my small bizness and family and orchestrate a "Donut Heist" when a little girl needs it to go down.  

CandyMan and the whole Wrecking Krew, all the friends and fam, I swear are what makes things great lately.  I have really gotten to know a few people and I love how they are getting to know me.
I was recently described as LOGICIAN and I felt like it fit, but the first two guys who heard said no...   It's like, do they even know me, are they sexist, maybe logician is not accurate????  (see MEME LYFE below for confirmation on what's what tho---planets!) lolololololol
It did mention my personality liked to question things, which made sense to me.

Love & Light



  1. Nope. Obviously whoever wrote those have never met an Aquarian. Or maybe they ARE Aquarians, but deeply in denial.

    I am an Aquarian (1/24) NOBODY would ever accuse me of being mature. Or reasonable. Or giving a rat's ass about what other think and believe, much less why. Maybe you could lend me your Wrecking Krew? You lucky girl.

    1. Don't worry. I'll be doing an in-depth look at all Aquarians over the next week or so to get to the bottom of all of our collective psychosis.
      Or something rather.
      You're obviously already part of the Wrecking Krew. <3 <3<3