Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Make It Up and Keep it Casual

I'm always trying to get stuff done.  Always working a lot.  Always thinking!
We've had a LOT of creative projects happening in this house.
Coco Loco and P.P. Knuckles are always gearing up:

P.P. Knuckles work!

Because of the inclement weather or 'winter' and cold, wet, windy, whatever...
Lots of work is being done in the bedroom.  It might be the tiniest bit aggravating, but CandyMan is very supportive.  (Bizness all up in personal space is totally annoying and he is actually super cool about it.  Some people are not cool with being flexible with personal space. Thnx bb <3 small biz ain't ez)
I wear lots of vintage jewelry, vintage jeans, vintage boots.  I am super rough and clumsy so I work in older studier outfits.

Rough, but I'm hauling boxes and clothes and containers around all day so u know how it goes lolol

Destroyed t-shirt and all my jewelry. The engraved vintage heart is from a wedding I was in when I was young.  One of my aunt's I think...  When I put it on I think about trying to be kind all the way in my heart. 
GENEROUS.  of. spirit. 
Being nice.  
Kindness is an admirable quality. 

Really going through my closet and doing an edit.  It is a constant process.  It's also keeping my work personal.  Small biz yo.  What am I wearing', r??? My black winter boots worn above are totally beat.

My vintage sweater now listed here:

My vintage velvet 60s dress listed here

It's still chilly and cold hereeeeeeee!!

TALENT ALERT!!!  I know how to work the photo/edit and collage situation big time now peeps.  Big time.
I'm not a professional yet, but I'm not gonna lie, it's already come up amongst us here.  I mean, if anyone wanted to pay me to digitally collage for them I would consider the work or career move seriously.  Right now, it's just something, a gift really, for myself and my friends and family.
A fine example that I will generously share with u from my private collection is this one below.  I told myself, or actually CandyMan said, something along the lines of "that IG pic sucks, what next?" and I was like...  idk So I am trying to decide on that issue as well.

Skillzzz and special talent!

Confession time: I may have almost eaten an entire package of cookies by myself.  Not on purpose, just by chance.
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Love & Light,



Dedicated to CandyMan aka WhiteChocolate aka SpicyMayo...

I have an actual eating evolutionary theory that is based on the often stereo-typical raccoon's diet and/or lifestyle.  Just one pro-carnivore pillar of my ideology.  The raccoon.  Yesssssss.  Fat.

I care. 

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