Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr. PSB is LEGIT Bday Party Terrence Young Bass Music DJ Oneiric Wrecking Krew

Mr. PSB, aka The Debater, used to nap a LOT on the couch and was aptly coined by Savory C one as Mister Pretty Sleepy Baby.  Although, it is really a full length title/nickname----Mr. PSB is so dope even his nickname has a nickname.  Abbreviated and shit fo' realzzz.

He comes by it naturally.  Honestly.

CandyMan vs. Mr. PSB

And we celebrated his bday this past week.
This guy has the lewk!!!  He accessorizes like a mf with hat, hat pins, lip ring, ear gages, rings, he wears joggers---he is supa fly!

Vintage dress from Milk & Honey Vintage 




BACK UP!  She has her own show!

This Beauty to my right is Queen.

Party light!!!!

The meaning of life right here celebrating these moments with family friends.


Thanks to Mr. PSB's friends for sharing it with us.  

A few Magic Men 

In full effect is Jon aka Pizza Jon, Health Code, Lover Boy.  No matter how sternly you say it's 'not appropriate' I will never pretend to believe u again!
#sangria #cocktails

More out of my closet: 

34A ILGWU Longline Bra

Hooking up to Patti's Visible Monday!

Love & Light 


The Debater
I'm here 4 u

MR. PSB!!!!!!  Civic duty!


Beckham's son lololol

Get this kid out of here and bring me BECKHAM
Rememeber who your daddy is!!!  lolol

I think I might need to move on here...  

Relatable...  Mr. PSB, Fancy Boy, CandyMan, I mean damn 
(Mr. PSB doesn't even drink it's, but his attitude level)

This was a mf party damnit!!


  1. you are ALL supa fly - looks like the best party. thanks for linking up xo