Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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This is just the beginning of me talking about these guys...

Dekalb County
same same same

Killer Mike and I are both 41 years old. 

I'm OBSESSED with El-P

This portraiture is what I might best present to explain the feels  

Yes, there will be more about RTJ.
For now, perfect seque into arts & crafts.  
(Maybe I misspelled that at first)

Baby Dream aka CocoLoco is super creative.  Nana aka Sweet T and her awesome sister-in-law Susan NOTICED and decided to run out and buy her a table and a bunch of crafting and art supplies.
Creative encouragement and sponsorships!
Tina and Susan giving giving giving giving <3

Hand decorated and hung ribbon supply center on the wall!!!

Hot glue gun included!

Kids are crafty af!!!

**Graphic design technology provided by PhotoGrid app, all skillzzz otherwise attributed to me, tho.

CocoLoco's teacher at school also does a lot of creative projects and it's so cool.

It's feeling like art time. 

I am excited to introduce a new corner subset of the blog dedicated to bad art and poetry.  
Creating to examine and understand. 


Edition: 2017

I'm basically a mad scribbler

Most of my stuff is kinda of a lot of scribbly-scrab for sure, but I consider it sort of brainstorming and physically writing things out expands my mental process on an idea.  
Sometimes I just need to write/think about something.
Reading poetry can get me twisted and it helps me the most when someone reads it out loud to me.  It's a skill.  The best is the poet themselves.  That's when I can usually get right in a poem I might not have otherwise connected with.  
CandyMan can obvi write amazing poems.  His mom has one he wrote years ago and it's still her treasure.  He read me one, also.  Out loud and it was very good.
P.S. Currently reciting Tupac to me in the kitchen!   (irt)

Now this guy is CandyMan's little (cousin's) friend BK.


Here he is the 4th back BRINGIN" IT.  (CandyMan & FancyBoy forefront obvi!  We also have Kaleigh in 3rd and Mr. PSB as caboose.) #WreckingKrew (Elaine) (More) Rough looking, but happy :D

He has shared poetry with all of us lately.
You can read his work on IG here.
He made me (invertedly??? hmmmm) think of The Waste Land when I read one of his poems--
It had the word 'recession' in it and I was going to link it, but things got technically limited &
complicated just now. OK this one.
It's a journey people.

CandyMan on IG looking good with Carini at WreckingKrew HQ's

80s 90s long sleeve sheer button up top
I am a grocery go-getter!!

Now listed best & onlyest sequin shirt!!! 50s edition!

Hooking up with Patti's Visible Monday!

Love & Light,



 Hire taller staff!

idk lolol

That's personal issues.
(Didin't actually watch but lol)


  1. Lovebug, WONDERFUL to hear from you! I'll be back in circulation when I'm done saving the world (starting with my own sanity). I'm writing, writing, writing, can barely keep up with this shit. All my love to you, Candyman, and the girls. It looks like you are all healthy and happy and that does my heart good. MISS you!

    1. SAME SAME!! If I'm a mad-scribbler I can only imagine what you're producing over there!!!! I love imagining you in Chicago holdin' it down! WRITE it out---save the world, save yourself! <3
      I am