Friday, April 28, 2017

Graveyard Fields Canton Asheville LBOB - GLOBAL CHRONIC BREAK - GLOBAL-E & DJ CHRONIC

Graveyard Fields Canton 

It was rly a sweet day.

Quick 20 minute drive.

I rly love how I haven't been lookin' spot on and CandyMan still acts like I'm cute as shit.  It's rly positive.  I've been eating so much.  Time to focus and exercise bcuz I luv eating and drinking.  

CandyMan and I live in and love Asheville and you can check out the city here with the Airbnb that we run.  I mean, u see what we're about------did u even know how popular this town is lol? 

Pre-hike I got the lawn mower goinggg

I was proud

then we popped in The Camry (LOLOL) and went hiking :)
CandyMan mowed the rest the next day for real tho lol 

Chocolate Fetish  Asheville

V tasty choco stores here, too.  I mean, snagged a quick tiny bite.  Just a flavor----but oh my lyfeeeee

One champagne truffle and one wine and roses and one dark chocolate espresso (possible cayenne)


We got a piece of chocolate covered pineapple and peach obvi

 P.P. Knuckles chose a bouquet of chocolate covered pretzels for all his brothers and sisters instead of a treat for just himself. 


I would get  these O'Neill Men's Murca Boardshort's   for CandyMan <3 
I don't know if he'd wear them.  Probably.
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Meme Lyfe:

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lololol not even cleaning up these screenshots---grimy publication here 

I mean, PUHHHHH-----lease can I have this thnx

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  1. When we eventually get over there Ashville's definitely on our list! x

  2. What a beautiful hiking day and the chocolate treats look delicious. It’s wonderful how our young ones delight in sharing. The family that wears hats together, stays together! Thank you for sharing your caps with Hat Attack!