Thursday, April 27, 2017

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WreckingKrew Arts & Krafts update (aka what ur kids do???):

London the Bridge
'Foxy hamburger, ice crew., chicken bone, hot dog? graphic art'

It turned into a whiteboard sitch 

that became a short story (currently whereabouts unknown)


CandyMan played this for me and it's been awhile.

I'm not even lyin'!!!!  CandyMan was like "It doesn't even look like you.  You look like you're 8.  It's 10 filters deep."
I mean, maybe not a direct quote, but close enough.

This is the beautiful magic Alice princess down the Rabbit-hole me.
Part of
Hansel N Gretel 

Vintage dress from Etsy.
Huge sunnies from mall kiosk.
Personal vintage 90s silver hoops.
Vintage personal cheapo souvenir necklace from '82 world fair
Brass choker necklace I got with bb from cheapo estate sale and subsequently lost n found it
Bb's necklace---constantly on meh (just like bb)
mom's hand of hansa necklace from caribbean artist from Disney Cruise trip
vintage personal silver Rebecca engraved locket--gifted from ??? need pics!!

This one is v real below.  Pretty sure no filter. 

Sadidas lolol

Love & Light,

Meme lyfe: 

Basement Poetry Corner

Instead of showcasing (self-publishing) the Fuck Off poem I'll post this:




  1. Your kids' art is fabulous!
    Loving the puffed sleeve number. xxx