Saturday, April 8, 2017

Random Friends Family Stars Collide Serendipity IRT Tiger Mountain Asheville DJ 80s DIE ANTWOORD - UGLY BOY

Random night with friends. And I mean the most HARRIS TEETER***  level rando random stars collide.

Tiger Mountain Ashevile 

If u ever wanted to see Asheville urself see if AirBnb is ur jam.
We're into it ;)

Aphex Twin's sample on this is dope.  I want the hoodie big time.

Few magic moments:

New Years"s?  Idk lolol

Special moments all year. 

All these birthdays :) :) :) 

(Man, this is actually a different day and I'm thinking I look so crappy rn irt.  I'm going to do a few big beauty moves and report back)

I'm 41.  My bf says he is into the trashy look.
If he's been lying, he's been doing it a while. 

Desoto, trashy dresses, wigs, glitter...  These things have precedence in our life.

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Girl London aka London the Bridge is turning 10 soon and I'm freaking out.  
I'm so excited about it and I want all the kids to have some fun.
Spring Break :D

Hookin' up to Visible Monday with Patti

Love & light, 


Ever!!  lolol


  1. Ooh that lurex mini is perfection! Used to wear one in the day : >
    thanks for linking, xox