Sunday, April 16, 2017

Soup for Sluts aka U know We Like to Eat A Lot FOOD TALK Asheville M.I.A. "Bad Girls" (Official Video)


Food featured post all up in here today.  

Professional Level Asheville Review by CandyMan 
and I chime in

We also got to pop into this place with CandyMan's old boss one night.  We sampled fried pigs ears.  I rly rly want to try the chickpea fries!!!
That dessert was almondy and had chilled apple sauce and was yummmmm
Come visit Asheville ;D
CandyMan and I are AirBnB hosts :)


Making some stuff. 
Finally getting crafty.
 It's so good people.

GIFTED pineapple sparkly pink brooch!!!
U know who------HR!!!!!
Whole outfit in future post. 

vintage rings, thrifted vintage animal print jacket

Betsey Johnston skirt fo' sale here

SHOP MY CLOSET continues with this 40s slip/dress for sale here

Hooking up to NotDeadYet Visible Monday

Love & Light, 

MEME LYFE honoring eating:

She's got no time for those kids dinner!!!!  Fuck yo mac n chz!
I enjoy going to the grocery store lolol and used to  go almost everyday or close to it.  For real. 

Also, if you've seen me in the store...  Find me in the _____ aisle!!!!
Little bit whatever but I do luv guac and avocado al lot.
Me too, bitch!!!!

Wait until our next foodie foodie reviewie viewie bcuz I think it involves guac and vinegary hot sauce!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Soup for Sluts sounds tastier than Cock Soup, which I've seen in one of our local supermarkets! xxx