Saturday, May 20, 2017

Casual Girls Style Is How We Do It Errydayyyyyyy Secondhand shopping to save the planet

I try to buy, wear, trade, all kinds of items---used and second-hand and gifted as much as possible, but I like to buy new merchandise, too :)  Combing second-hand or vintage items into outfits with new items is a nice way to roll into within your comfort zone.

Not always loving social media but on IG and Facebook for the minute anyways it seems like lol
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I'm a vintage slinger.  I'm 41 years old. I live in Asheville and it's a fun city. I wore this gifted second-hand vintage 80s bolo around my neck backwards for a sort of back necklace.  I thought it was cool. I mix up the new and old.  These cut-offs are second hand from 3 decades ago or so lol and my dad's b4 that!  I stole all his belts and beat up cut-off jean shorts :D

I've been trying to pop around and really get into all your blogs again and focus more on mine.  A lot of u, and I might try to get organized and link, have put out some quality info lately----like targeting and focusing major issues, still using fashion, but not just fashion, your creativity, your intelligence, your leadership, your podiums, your art, your wit-------to bring about some important changes happening now for humanity, for our world.  
I'm on board.

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  1. Backs are sexy! Great idea to use that tie as a necklace, why should cowboys have all the fun? xxx