Monday, May 1, 2017

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For so many reasons I feel like I miss u all the time <3 <3 <3

Pin the tail on the donkey!  

Tia Cha Cha helping with the classic mummy wrap!



******* LONDON THE BRIDGE ******

CandyMan made Asian beer-braised ribs and Grandma helped shop for supplies.  

It was sort of hard to share these bcuz I've had to share so much of my children.  
I guess I can afford to be generous.  
It's such an honor to be her mom. 

Too bad somebody already made her feel bad about her b-day kicks.  
Remember, u don't actually need a label to be cool. 
Light-up sparkly shit is dope!

I hate snobs and label whores. 

Cool kicks are sweet, but if you're a little douche all the fly shoes in the world won't help.  

Women's Club HR represented big time with the long standing honorable PARTY PINEAPPLE done up most most. 
I mean...

Women's Club is for realllllllllll

And real bday mornin' CandyMan had this for her :)

Old gauzy cotton dress from Etsy.
Old vintage leather boots from Etsy.
Thrifted jeans. 
I'm 41.  I'm divorced. Got a boyfriend.  Some kids.  Dogs. Live in Asheville
Today is the first of the month.  
Rent's up if anyone cares. 
I do. 

This is what I look like sometimes. 
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Love & Light,

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Kathleen Hanna Bikini Kill   
Rebel Girl
All Girls To the Front

I'm a feminist, but my feminism is rly humanism or alienism or something.  I just like to start from the feminist perspective and the idea that woman deserve equal rights as human beings. 
Expand from there. U wouldn't believe how upset people get over feminism. 
I mean, I'm not even tryin' to piss anyone off but people POP off against feminism lolol 
I noticed. 

I always think a little bit in the back of my head tho---it's like when that famous comedian talks about how far racial progress has come bcuz we kinda have the nicest white people in the history of white people now or something...
It's like, yeah, these are the best men in the history of men.
Most places, your dad or husband can't sell you or kill you anymore.
Or leave the house w/o permission.
Or play soccer.
Or drive.
Or swim in the ocean with no fucking worries. 
Or whatever. 

I used to totally think this was like standard girl behavior.  Obvi not the most popular but totally norm.  Now, I'm like, impressed bcuz I realize it wasn't rly.


  1. Happy Birthday, London! Ten!! I can't believe it. She's the image of you and absolutely gorgeous.
    I can't believe some brat tried to spoil her day. You've got to feel sorry for kids like that, they must really mean, small minded parents to pass their shitty viewpoints to their children.
    Love that sparkly hippy dress. xxx

    1. Thanks!! She had a blast!
      I'm thinking about getting a pair myself for real.
      This dress is perfect for spring/fall weather!!!

  2. Happy birthday to London! What a darling girl and I think her kicks are fabulous. Hugs to you all, xo


  3. Happy Birthday to London, what a fun celebration! Your caps are great, but her pink crown takes the cake! Thank you for sharing your family and fun with Hat Attack!