Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Hustle Cooking Family Kids ootd blogger... Working hard and hoping for the best

CandyMan and I are so excited for Monday bcuz we get all of our children back home again from their other parent's house...

Family ribeye dinner <3
cooked up by CandyMan.
We're rly lucky to have him :)
Eating is one of our fav things to do together. 


Originally started here, this segment deals with topics that are embarrassing or hard to discuss in any way.
CandyMan and I have some PornInTheDropBox elements to our story.  We always hesitate and sort of look at each other b4 we explain how we met lololol
Here is a blog post featuring what we believe to be our first encounter...  Although, we know we've been in similar places in the past where we grew up!!
This is the blog post :D  V cool to think about it from then to now <3 <3 <3 it's been an unbelievable tripppppppppppp :)
Rly positive for the future and hopeful for everyone than most would ever think and I'm still so into Asheville.  Moving here was the best choice ever.

What r u wearing segment featuring my furry too small vest and vintage 90s dress that I actually wore in high school and vintage gloves I bought in high school from my fav vintage dealer and total life inspirer.  Jewelry and CandyMan's busted Puma hat.  Heyyyyyyy u guyyyyyyyysssss

Been focusing on catching up with everyone on all the blogs.  C u out there :D Use every platform u have :)
I'm trying to write more posts and just writing in general.  Churn it out. Be prolific.
#factory #practice #writing

Off to #SaturdayShareLinkUp and #iwillwearwhatilike

Love & Light,


Meme Lyfe:

I mean, come on now.


  1. I love how you farked your photo, brilliant. I don't have chairs in my home - except two office chairs, but I recognize those chairs from my previous life. Heh. I pretty much live on the floor.

    1. The pen in editor and stickers from photogrid app!!!

  2. I loved how you two met. Jon and I grew up in the same town and were even in the same class at school for a while. xxx

  3. I wish it was just "the chair". It's the chair, the floor, the bed, the laundry baskets... lol