Sunday, May 14, 2017

Chota Falls Georgia Sunday and I'm Really Hope Your Weekend Was Good Mimosa Mother's Day Morning and Fashion Family Fun

It was an amazing weekend.
Love. Family. A Wedding. Mother's Day.  Goats on a Roof.  I can't get it all in now. Just a little something tho.

Thrifted BDG jeans.
Old second hand Plato's Closet t-shirt.
Old Free People necklace.
Old cuffs. 
Chota Falls, Georgia.

London drew this little pencil whip of me and it just...
I posted it on IG I luv it so much.

I also posted a picture of me wearing my grandmother's dress ;)

It's vintage 50s with real ascot/pussybow.  Almost gothic level mid-calf length modest dress. 
Also, on the IG feed. 

I've been posting cool articles on FACEBOOK using every platform!!

Love & Light, 


  1. I'm glad you had the day you deserved! London's sketch is fantastic. xxx

  2. I love your grandma's dress ;) I wish I had anything from my grandma but there's nothing left. Maybe I need to raid mom's vintage goodies .. :D