Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Basement Voltz Radio has been lit lately----best EDM we've been listening to radio-wise.  
BASS heavy!!!!!!!
The way we like our breakbeat, jungle, rap, dnb, house, rap...  erryting. Erryting.

FancyBoy here taking pics and playing with filters and pens!  Have some fun with your selfies.  I am hoping to be able to order some more contacts soon.  Until then, it's lots of specs. I usually take my glasses OFF for pics lol.  Switch it up I guess.

Old glasses.  These might be cheap-o Wallyworld frames.  Nice frames r a luxury $$$
Vintage thrifted necklace.
Old Target tank top.  
Vintage 90s Hot Kiss chambray shirt worn unsnapped lololol 
Beauty app and magic pen!!!

Glasses, Etsy handmade necklace from Triian, old crappy not even cool t-shirt.
For all those peeps out there over 40 I know what that's about----especially for us ladies.  

Little throwback to mom and dad <3
Kathy & Leonard
omg I luv them. 

You'll see me around. 
I'm the same. 
In a good way. 
The next thing on 

Love & Light, 

Got some fun articles popping off on Facebook!!!!!

Screenshots & Meme Lyfe: 

If I could have this be HUMANCHUO it would make me so happy: It's so good. . 

Art Art Art 


  1. Your Mum & Dad look so cool, you've inherited your Mum's great hair!
    Have you used Firmoo? Their glasses are really cheap even with prescription lenses (I think Jon's last pair cost around £18) and there's some great designs, perfect dupes for designer frames. xxx

    1. I actually did a post sponsor for them once bcuz I legit needed some glasses!!! They are v inexpensive, but I have the bad luck of having such crappy vision I have to upgrade lenses so they don't look like coke bottles!!!

  2. Love, love the pic of your mom and dad. And your hair - I love your hair! xox