Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Turntable Tuesday Rewind Wednesday Thursday Scratch Quickie Post with the Most Fashion EDM ootd Mark V Old School Florida Breaks

Turntable Tuesday Scratch Back Wednesday Thursday Rewind

The TGIF edition HA!!

Obvi I love music and so I wanted to include a You Tube video of this guy in Florida DJ Mark V.
We don't rly know this guy, but CandyMan and I dance around to his mixes and watch him as he spins and occasionally chats us up with insight and apologies about sound quality and equipment care.  Mark V is LEGIT people!!!!!

One or two mixes have a sound blank in the beginning...  Stay tuned, fast forward.  Mark V is worth tuning into more than once.  CandyMan and I now have him in our imaginary mix of friends.  Like Snuffleupagus.  I actually spelled that correctly r out the gate!!!! Wow, Make U Move Mix show is soooooo good, too.  Maybe double share Mark V.  Might have to.  Just might have to.

Who is near Asheville or around Asheville or coming this way?  I'm curious!  Maybe Mark V will come spin for us and some of u bloggers can join us??  Or maybe we're coming to a blogger meet-up!  Or we're just gonna come visit you!  Sounds threatening lolololol!!!!!

Old school long sleeve Ron Jon Surf Shop tee for hanging by the bonfire at night on the beach.

vintage dress from high school
vintage arm sleeve fingerless gloves from Oldsmar Flea Market vintage seller Antique Addict (she is still there if u hit up Tampa yo!)
thigh high socks
otk #FreePeople boots
bf's old #Puma hat
too small faux fur vest

I'm 41 years old.  Trying to get creative and as cute as I can on a v tight budget lol
I live in Asheville with CandyMan and he is my super cutey-pie boyfriend and all our chillin's.
And doggies. And our friends.  And our friends dogs.
Future projects include gardening, but it still seems hazy rn.  I'll keep ya' posted!

Missing this girl Special-T from this cool time in St. Pete, FL for RTJ.

HR, FancyBoy, CandyMan, Mr. PSB, and Pizza Jon

House-party in full effect, pineapples present, and HR handled the mudslides like nobody's business.  These people know how to host.

Woman's Club 
Party Encyclopedia 

Also, I need a lot of paint.  Got some major art projects coming up.  Hopefully.
Good luck everyone.  Remember, I'm on your team ;)

Off to #SaturdayShareLinkUp & Visible Monday with Patti!

Love & Light,


Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:

It's too late.
u r a cat now

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