Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Vintage space-dye cardigan
Transformation souvenir tee (more on this laterrrr)
Vintage necklace 

Just trying' to survive 
Today water was due---ugh!  
I'm 41.  I work from home.  I currently live in Asheville. I have a variety of kids and pets.  I have a boyfriend.  I can prove all of this.  
Somebody calls me FancyBoy. 

Dream Share

Had a dream with bb in it the other night.  He was driving us around and it was raining.  I was in the passenger seat and he started to speed up and speed up and it was pouring rain.  Everything in the windows was a downpour and I knew we were driving in a big parking lot now---no longer a road.  I looked over to my left at him and he knew that I knew he was gonna spin the car out.  I barely smiled---but my eyes were happy and like yes and I remember slinking down in my seat and shutting my eyes to feel it and I hoped we didn't crash but it seemed we might but I knew he would never do it on purpose. 

Handles the glue gun like nobody's business.

I like the idea of hanging out and working a bit with someone different than yourself and/or with opposing beliefs and/or value systems.  My friends (and family) are from different backgrounds, countries, and religions.
I share stuff on this blog bcuz I feel like I reach out and relate to a lot of different people that may not have access to the sane type of art and music and culture that I have around me here in Asheville.
Off to the #SaturdayShareLinkUp! and Patti's Visible Monday! and #iwillwearwhatilike!!

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  1. I love that Coco is making her own stuff. When I was about her age my parents bought me a sewing machine but it was scary and complicated with too many functions and put me off sewing. Find her something cheap and easy from a thrift shop or yard sale if you can and sh'll be whizzing you up some cute dresses in minutes.
    I love your hair dark. xxx

    1. Thnx!!!! I have a big needle with yarn she uses now!!! I'm getting into the dark hair for a while :D

  2. So cool that your daughter is creative like her mom! Thanks for linking up, xox