Sunday, May 28, 2017

When Spring Is Almost Summer The Time Will Fly Byyyyyyyyyyyyy

It is almost June.  Spring is almost over and it just feels like it was a massive revolution of the seasons for summer.
I am so happy to be getting ready to work on the house.  The property we live on in Asheville needs lots of work and spring/summer is knock it out time.

If you have been reading for a while you might surmise that I was previously married.  I have two daughters as a result of that marriage, Girl London and Baby Dream (aka London the bridge and Coco Loco) and it's obviously difficult to put into words how great they are-------so when I started dating CandyMan it was us three and Foxy-- the Shiba Inu :)
4 of us!
Plussssssssssss, my amazing boyfriend CandyMan
annnnnnnnnnnnd his 3 boys and dog Carini---the pit bull u might see in pics :D

7 all together.  9 with the dogs!!!!!
By chronological order lololol

18-Mr. PSB
10-London the Bridge/Girl London
7-CocoLoco/Baby Dream

I don't have a perfect group pic, but here is a pic from a recent school potluck with some photo-bombing friends!!

I used a beauty app filter here and it's not even enough---I look like a strangled ugly turtle or something!!! lol, but we had a great time that day.  I absolutely love the kids' elementary school here in Asheville---the girls and their friends are really just becoming incredible people and this place has been a part of it.

This is me and London the Bridge on the monkey bars that day

I was only up for a minute as it was extremely laborious work to say the least.  Jeez.  Thought I was gonna fall on my head in front of everyone and wreck myself...  #WreckingKrew #checkyourself

I'm ok tho lolol

Sort of wishing I could try this pretty color LimeCrime lipstick here, but Sam I Am just brought me a bunch of goodies!
Sam I Am aka Special-T, HR, and I were just talking about how much make-up helps us get thru the day.  Sam I Am thinks mascara changes the game, HR can't even work without lipgloss. I like eyeliner and powder----I mean, even just to work from home for HR and me.  Make-up is part of TheBizness!!!!  We're gonna set up an old-school make-up table in the basement.  HR's mom didn't have one, but Special-T's and my mom totally did.

Love & Light,


Screenshots & Memes:

I used to hace cats---the most I had was 3 at once.  I developed SEVERE allergies in my late 20s to them and yet, still kept them until they passed.  It almost killed me, for real. 
Still love cats, tho :)


  1. Aw I love the impromptu photos though. I'm super un-photogenic and beauty filters don't save me, haha. Photos create things that aren't there, I tells you! And agreed on this month FLYING by, it's scary how strangely fast.