Friday, June 23, 2017

Button-Up mean BIzness!!! Women's Club Wrecking Krew Avl 828 Summer To Do List Porn In The Dropbox Jealousy

PinkCheetahVintage shop going down 4real in this button-up tho

Our kids are going on vacay for 10 days with their other parents and I'm sad thinking about it---
I worry about sunburns and staying hydrated----and I miss them all like crazy.  

People!!!!  If u haven't used that crazy app to put a dog face on your face you should.  Dog faces are way cute and it makes you immediately 10x cuter.  Immediately. 

Summer to do list.
Get radiator fixed.  
Get bathroom floor done.
Organize entire store.
Build a bedroom.
Build an office.
Put in a new toilet/shower.

These all seem like nightmares and some need to be done asap.

Also, my bedroom got destroyed again in a tornado of clothes and all I'm doing today is working.
Like a dog.



Jealousy.  I def get jealous.
Like, if my man thinks about sending a sexy pic or gets too flirty----I'm r here to remind himmm :)  I'm not sexist in my jealousy, although I battle being sexist all the time, I will tell dudes to back off, too. 
These socks up here started a convo on jealousy ^^^

He's pretty cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!  
Anyways, I've noticed nobody likes to talk about jealously and in this new age of social media----basically endless levels and ways to contact, connect, 'touch' each other---
I'm def watching, paying attention with disappearing pics and stuff like that there are new social territories and new boundaries.  These are not the old days of Playboy Magazines stashed in closets and stuff-----so don't act like it.
It used to be rude to telephone someone past 9 pm and now we debate pm'ing in real time with people at 2 am as 'business'?  Not for me.  My vibe at 2am is personal.

I don't like to act like I have to portray a perfect persona or relationship online---that I never get upset, argue, or get jealous or be real.
I do all those things!
With this lucky guy LOLOL!
Original post here.

We're all the good stuff u see and more---everything. 
OMG he rly better stop it!!  On IG!!!

I guess the new-age feminist thing to do is let him be sexy, r???
Did somebody say take ur shirt off???
I need SamIAm to write a blog post in regards to Florida/NewYork boys and the relationship between being shirtless. It's gonna be intense.  Probably a pic heavy post...

Some fun breakin' the rules fashion or whatever----yes I'm over 40.


Vintage super small eagle tee tied in a knot in the back, late 90s bebe brown suede super short mini-skirt with long fringe, Cheap Monday cut-out leather able boots, vintage squash blossom necklace, ponytail on high...  cuff gifted from Vix!!!!  Loads of random jewelry ;)

c u round!!!

Love & Light, 

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Also, u know maybe #CandyMan lololol

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  1. Love everything about that last pic of your outfit :) Hate how relatable the last photo is. Good luck getting all the to-dos done and surviving the kid vacay