Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shared Monolithic self-vision Going full Labyrinth Graduation Class of 2017 Caterpillar Plays Talent Shows & also poems salad

We had a lot of end of year activity. 
Mr. PSB graduated high school!  Also, slightly late pic of a clearly amazing prom and his lovely gf Lily <3

CandyMan was dressed up in some shell toes and button-up--fresh haircut 

He might showed off his shoes on IG and u can't be mad.  


I showed off, too.  I wore a mix of stuff :)
P.P. Knuckles was in a school play about The Hungry Caterpillar.

Superstar Beandogg there brought us some cool finds this week :D


 London was in a talent show skit with some friends and sang and danced about flying tacos.

They had on matching iron-on flying taco shirts CandyMan made for him :)

Fixing the swing up a lil' better. 

Winter was in a school music video about time, but we had family business downtown that day and had to watch it later.  Super awesome tho :D

Some of these graphics I've been working on with pics are silly, but that's my level.  I also want to remind u that even at 40...  Or 41 lololol, but that is the point---u can have fun with your LEWK even when you're not a youth anymore.  I luv the silly ears, some fun filters, whatever.   The rabbit look is my fav!!!!! I know there is a go natural movement and I love that bcuz I hate unrealistic expectations on physical appearance, but I want to remind u of the have fun.  Sometimes, when u r older u feel silly still trying to look cute.  Don't. It's fine. It's ok to experiment or not if u r not into it. 

Bunny ears, vintage Billabong tshirt that I wear constantly apparently and shorts.

Love & Light, 

Here is another fun lewk by LondonDaBridge

She is writing a poem this v moment.
Here is one I wrote a while ago that I'll self-publish today in honor of it.
(She also just made a delish cucumber & tomato salad that I'm proud of, too.)


                                   Basement Poetry Corner

I'm not even allowed 
to say I don't like u
That's how protected u r
Polite cage
I know why
Only the jester
I'll be the fool


Cheese is like a pool its cool
cheese is like a toy there's more than 1 kind  
cheese makes me pleased whenever i eat it
Cheese is like a dream it's the best
Cheese will make you rest when you are stest
Cheese will make you happy when you are sad
Cheese is like a phone it's never alone
Cheese is in a lot of diffrent things like  mack,n,cheese,or cheese puffs,or milk,and cheese
Cheese is the best but i'm sad that i can't tell you the rest so i will go eat some cheese!
                                          A chart of food
#4...walfols     by london :)    

and accompanying pic holding a mug she painted herself that says 'cheese'


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