Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Threads and Beats Fathers Day New Years Day Friends dnb djs Timos House Vinyl Records Panda Girl Bunny Ears

Maybe best pic ever yet so far :D <3

Father's Day with ThreadsandBeats was a treat!!!!
dj oneiric and kristagargano going down here!!!

Laura's flyasfuck crochet goodies were hottt!
She had a foot fetish model stop by to score a pair!

I def fuk with these cute photo apps!

Bunny girl inspo 

Panda girl inspo 

I luv dese guys :)


Music & friends :)

Shopping fun!

Cute bizzes!!!!

CandyMan and I have a lot going on...  Notice him low-key giving me the bird!!!!
We had west coast Cali friends stop by for taco and vinyl at Timo's later w/o us---so cool to see them again :)


My photo series have a bedroom & door scenario obsession.

Secondhand thrifted sundress, old shirt tied up, vintage necklace, gifted cuff from Vix, loads of stuff, mall kiosk rhinestone hat...

Love & Light, 

Mother's Day Everyday is Father's Day GIF pronounced jif
Screenshots & Meme Lyfe:


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  1. big fun at your place! I love the subtle Bird from your guy : > xox