Monday, July 31, 2017

Driving your point home Grandma, Mom, & Family Time

Went to go see my mother in Florida.  She is in the hospital---thankful for that last visit---every minute counts.

SamIAm describing her sitch with another supposed professional...

Let's talk about kindness instead. I've had some people be v kind and generous with me lately.
The trip to visit my mom would not of even been possible w/o CandyMan, SamIAm, HR, PizzaJon, Rob, and just so many more people...   And also, my mom.  She's sick and still helping me (us).  Time for the tables to turn.
I look around and I'm blown away by some people.
I'll focus on that----the kind of people you just can't say enough good things about :)
Patti's reminder here about a week ago helped me.

No real good outfits----just this same tank top I got as a hand me down.  Talked about here already.  Been wearing it a lot bcuz it's hot.

 Fun on IG with LondonDaBridge :)

Rocking my Santa Cruz tee :D

Doing big sales! 

$20 plus shipping r n 

Monday motivation.  Work, shower, clean, laundry---crazy busy back from trip. 
I don't even know about fashion today.
I'll have to look around for inspo <3

Love & Light,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Four pics in a row I woke up like this! Candid Pics and hand me down clothes

I've had to practice learning how to not look wretched in pictures.
I'm admittedly late to the game, but I try.

Prime example of a pic.

What was going on with my face? I'm looking at the camera like---idk.  I like the lizard look to my face tho.  I might expand on that in a Leaving Las Vegas Lizard themed aesthetic sitch.

I can't even give an excuse, only apologies lolol

Finally!!  Sort of norm :)

That's a poser!!!!!

Wearing a hand-me-down tank top from my cousin Fran's friend!!!!!!!!!  I am a hand-me-down fanatic.
Wearing CandyMan's old school 90s silver chain necklace. 
My 90s silver hoops :D
Badly hemmed and re-let out jeans too tight from eating junk food.  I'm 41 this year and I'm back to dyeing my hair myself due to budget reasons so thank goodness I'm in the brunette zone.  I can't do my own blonde :)

Thank u to this guy <3 

The prices in the shop are dropping.

Some minor issues, but so gorgeous!!!!!

Love & Light, 


Friday, July 21, 2017

I've been loving reading your blogs and my to-do list is crazy and Madness by Muse and Crazy Vintage Clothes Sale

My take off the cuff----
The singer's brother died in Ireland in protests and he had a lot of issues (obvi) surrounding it and then he married Kate Hudson and fell in love and this song is about that----I think.

So, this is what Wikipedia says it's about!!!!!!!!  NO WONDER I

Wikipedia!!!!!   I was told Wikipedia is frowned upon in the world of academia, but that's not stopping me now!
Matthew Bellamy stated that the song started as a personal reflection after a fight with his girlfriend Kate Hudson, and how, after she had gone to her mother's house, he began to realise "yeah, she was right, wasn't she?"[8] In a separate interview, Bellamy stated the song was the band's attempt to strip down the sound of the album, and that the song has its roots in 12 bar blues with gospel, soul and R&B influences. He went on to conclude that, "It's the song I'm probably most proud of on the album for sure."[9]

^^^^  EVEN BETTER!!!!!!




Marking some items down
This floral beauty is only $7.89 plus shipping.

Vintage Shirt Brown White Bold Floral Tropical Print Drawstring Bow Neck Short Sleeve 70s Blouse

This was the second item I reduced and I will be continuing until----
I don't know when yet :D
Sale announced first here and more updates to follow on IG (fun pic below) and Facebook.

Looking kinda of uggghhhhh so this heavily filtered rainbowy distracting pic is perfect.

Love & Light, 

I swear, just since my last post this happened <3


The Fair

phone back on.

car my family can fit in.

an adult.


thank you thank you thank you

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don't Say U Like His Mustache 101 Porn In the Dropbox MM

One of my old rly good friends popped into town this weekend and I missed an opportunity to see her.  It's been years.  We were friends in high school. I only have a couple pics tho.  An old IG post here from when we went to 'Nawlins' and like one other photo.  My lack of photos from my youth have made me way more purposeful in my picture taking now.  This blog is part of that :D
I'm lucky that Asheville is so popular and close to where CandyMan and I used to live, so we get a lot of visitors.  It's rly nice.

Used with permission from humanchuo.  Love, love, love her artwork. 

I feel particularly haggard and haggly looking lately so here is a weird GIF (pronounced jif) 

Old glasses, vintage necklace, 90s chambray 'Hot Kiss' shirt over old Target tank-top, and probably jeans.  I've been admiring blonde hair lately, but CandyMan threatens to break up with me if I bleach it again---lololol That's his way of saying he likes my hair!!!! It works tho!!  Blonde is very alluring...

I was just talking about appreciating my mom in the last post or two and she is laid up in a bad way now.  I am super worried about her.  It sucks. 


Tip:  U can't talk about a man's mustache or he is going to say something about a "mustache ride" or be thinking it.  Like, srsly.  I told CandMan how I was going to talk about my mature taste in men now bcuz of his attractive mustache and he immediately was like-----ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

U can't even talk about 'em w/o somebody smirking!!!  

On a more serious note, I rly liked Sara's post here about her post-cancer egg freeze sitch.
This is stuff that needs to be discussed.  This is a different kind of family planning and I think it's v relevant----important.  

Love & Light, 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Instagram Asheville IG Tiger Bay Cafe Graffiti Art Gucci Sunglasses Shoes Bows Purses and Leggings please

Monday round up--this week.
Where u been?  Where u at???
Back to Tiger Bay Cafe for a bite with CandyMan & Mr. PSB
(talked about here b4)

 Fun with Live Stories on Instagram

It's super cute.  

Also, I'm v into rainbow maxis and rainbow lots of stuff actually.
Kinda fun graphic I made and had not shared, but shared in honor of #iwillwearwhatilike :D
From the archives lololol 

Also, GUCCI errrrrrryting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

I'm wearing a Rodarte for Target collection dress I got a few years ago.  I always like the yellow mustard one the younger lady Tavi, but got my next fav choice---the beige!!! 
I luv a beige or peach dress!!!!
I tied a ribbon around my waist---same ribbons from when I dressed up here for the wedding.
Sort of black ribbon ballet dress up inspo lewks.
Latex socks and YRU black platforms shown better here

Cat ears for fun ;)

Love & Light, 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Live Stories Instagram Visionary Futures Pangea Liquid dnb Krista Gargano Creative Graphic Design

I have been messing with the new Live stories on IG and I'm totally doing it.  They have super cute filters and rewind and boomerang options.

Also, this girl: Krista

She is a young woman, a millennial!!!!  Yayyyyyyy!!! 
She impresses the fuck out of me.  She's an incredible liquid dnb DJ.  #rare
There is just so much to talk about her...  This is one of her DJ sets if u want to follow her on Soundcloud.  She also runs Vinyl Revisions, and all vinyl production company. 

Here is more about her here and here and here :D

And I can't tell u how sorry I was to miss this---her 2nd time playing.  She's fly as fuk peeps.

Love & Light,


Saturday, July 15, 2017

One of the Reasons I like to Remember to Stay Different Power of Fashion and Blogging and Johnny Cash and Shelby Sells Perv on the Go

Stay different. 
I know people make fun of the idea, but when u truly use fashion as a way to express your own style to the fullest, then fashion becomes art---meaningful, representative, an aesthetic... 

This is the night we went to Pikachu's rave:

I am over 40 and I totally push the limit on how I dress.  
One of the thing's I appreciate most in CandyMan is his love and just total honest support of my style. 
I'm out there lol 

This quote was on the back of one of my first business cards. 
I've heard fashion trivialized as a vapid and materialistic industry, but we are a very powerful liberal and quite subversive community. Clothes are conceptual, necessary, practical, symbolic, natural, synthetic, historical, cultural, political, conservative, radical, artistic----
dissident in nature----and yet, popular/social...
Low-key art that people participate in daily almost subconsciously. 
Fashion is massive and powerful.
I'm rly proud to be working on my blog more.  

As I was typing this my hat I just bought from Depop online came in...
I came across it randomly and had been desperate to get it.  It never came back in stock---but luckily someone was ready to pass it on!!!!  Secondhand woot woot!!  So happy to finally score it.  
Made by Shelby from Perv on the Go
Annnnnnd it's like I'm proving my own point.

I had to have it in vary blue, although it does come in pink and white!
Never give up :D

More Britney

Love & Light, 

"a tiger doesn't change his stripes"

Friday, July 14, 2017

TOXIC When a southern Grandma is 'Less than Impressed" with u then u probably are a C U Next Tuesday!!!

It's Britney bitch

This is my life now
and 4ever
bcuz I will alwayzzz <3 Britney

My mother has pretty high expectations and I guess I do to.  I definitely expect responsibility, competency, fairness, justice, and selfless behavior, especially from a parent...  Amongst a thousand other things lolol!!  I was lucky to be raised by a woman like her and it's nice to get to acknowledge that while she's still here.  I get to appreciate her.  She calls things like she sees 'em and she'll face anyone or anything for her family.  She's an amazing lady.   Extended family is very important to both Shane and I----we're very lucky. It's fantastic getting to watch her with all our kids now. 

ART from The Artist Kitchen in Asheville!!!

Camo hat in full effect.  Camo discusses more here and here.
I've been living in Asheville about 3.5 years. 
I absolutely love it.

LondonDaBridge drew a picture while we hung out and gave it to the DJ's spinning that day. 

These come-ups are no joke!  She's a gamer, like Pikachu, she can draw!
Super cool.

Me, biting her style :D
Pikachu hat!  Thrifted Puma t-shirt.  Boyfriend's silver chain.

Her biting mine <3

Love & Light, 

                                Basement Poetry Corner

I'm a failsafe.
When I finally know what a thing is, I know what it issssssssss.
Then I don't know anymore. 

I'm a failsafe.
And I look for other failsafes.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Birthday Boy Wishes Come True I Know We're Really Lucky and We Have the best Friends and Family

CandyMan turned 42 this year, or as I like to say, 43.

His bff HR is basically one of my fav people of all time and I luv her and her husband and they were with us to bring in the birthday.  "Bringing it in" is something I learned to do with SamIAm and it's like, basically, u just rly can't wait.  They were with us at the strike of midnight for his official 24 hour window----but, it started earlier :D

Make a wish
CandyMan at our home away from home, Timo's, that night.

We started off here at tho at One Stop for this band everyone likes and they are rly good.  
Also, food.
Funnnnnnn :D
Pizza Jon, CandyMan, HR, SamIAm, FancyBoy
"I think the best part was that we were all together <3"  (Sentence a Day)

Next up was Calypso

Our boy Joel.

So glad to see his face that night.
We r as happy as he is <3

Morgan.  My girl.
Alter ego Sabrina??  
Gotta double check--CandyMan also unsure.  
We're sure we luv her tho <3


Don't even worry 'bout her ;D

She's better than perfect.

Happy bday CandyMan.  We all luv u so much.  I luv u so much. I luv celebrating bdays and celebrating them face to face, in person, friends & family, some of which I never even dreamed about until recently...  Nothing better. 
Since this is so pic heavy, I'll leave it at that.

Love & Light, 

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Outfits Yes, I'm over 40 and everyone still hates how I dress except my bf and bff I'm serious

I just deleted a folder of pictures on my phone with 1,513 pictures w/o even looking at it bcuz I need more space on my phone.  !!!!!!!!!!!!  Trying no to care lololol

Who knows what pics I lost.
At least, I got to celebrate my mom's bday with her and the family today.  I'll try to post a pic, but here's the same old one for now I just posted here.  "Always missing my dad." (Sentence a Day)

Wearing a dress I've had since high school that is missing 2 buttons and I use a brooch to pin.  
I'm over 40 so we're talking almost 25 years old for this garment.  Simple dress that I still luv <3

Bunny ears edit for fun.

CandyMan made this cute as hell collage for IG of us and I luv everything about it. 

Love & Light, 

Linking to Patti's Visible Monday!

IG what up what up 

Luv his work.

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mami!!!! 

Enjoying summerrrrrrr like...