Monday, July 31, 2017

Driving your point home Grandma, Mom, & Family Time

Went to go see my mother in Florida.  She is in the hospital---thankful for that last visit---every minute counts.

SamIAm describing her sitch with another supposed professional...

Let's talk about kindness instead. I've had some people be v kind and generous with me lately.
The trip to visit my mom would not of even been possible w/o CandyMan, SamIAm, HR, PizzaJon, Rob, and just so many more people...   And also, my mom.  She's sick and still helping me (us).  Time for the tables to turn.
I look around and I'm blown away by some people.
I'll focus on that----the kind of people you just can't say enough good things about :)
Patti's reminder here about a week ago helped me.

No real good outfits----just this same tank top I got as a hand me down.  Talked about here already.  Been wearing it a lot bcuz it's hot.

 Fun on IG with LondonDaBridge :)

Rocking my Santa Cruz tee :D

Doing big sales! 

$20 plus shipping r n 

Monday motivation.  Work, shower, clean, laundry---crazy busy back from trip. 
I don't even know about fashion today.
I'll have to look around for inspo <3

Love & Light,

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  1. Sending your mum loads of get well wishes! xxxx