Friday, July 21, 2017

I've been loving reading your blogs and my to-do list is crazy and Madness by Muse and Crazy Vintage Clothes Sale

My take off the cuff----
The singer's brother died in Ireland in protests and he had a lot of issues (obvi) surrounding it and then he married Kate Hudson and fell in love and this song is about that----I think.

So, this is what Wikipedia says it's about!!!!!!!!  NO WONDER I

Wikipedia!!!!!   I was told Wikipedia is frowned upon in the world of academia, but that's not stopping me now!
Matthew Bellamy stated that the song started as a personal reflection after a fight with his girlfriend Kate Hudson, and how, after she had gone to her mother's house, he began to realise "yeah, she was right, wasn't she?"[8] In a separate interview, Bellamy stated the song was the band's attempt to strip down the sound of the album, and that the song has its roots in 12 bar blues with gospel, soul and R&B influences. He went on to conclude that, "It's the song I'm probably most proud of on the album for sure."[9]

^^^^  EVEN BETTER!!!!!!




Marking some items down
This floral beauty is only $7.89 plus shipping.

Vintage Shirt Brown White Bold Floral Tropical Print Drawstring Bow Neck Short Sleeve 70s Blouse

This was the second item I reduced and I will be continuing until----
I don't know when yet :D
Sale announced first here and more updates to follow on IG (fun pic below) and Facebook.

Looking kinda of uggghhhhh so this heavily filtered rainbowy distracting pic is perfect.

Love & Light, 

I swear, just since my last post this happened <3


The Fair

phone back on.

car my family can fit in.

an adult.


thank you thank you thank you

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  1. Matt Bellamy is married to Kate Hudson? I had no idea. I've seen Muse a few times and they're amazing! xxx