Sunday, July 16, 2017

Live Stories Instagram Visionary Futures Pangea Liquid dnb Krista Gargano Creative Graphic Design

I have been messing with the new Live stories on IG and I'm totally doing it.  They have super cute filters and rewind and boomerang options.

Also, this girl: Krista

She is a young woman, a millennial!!!!  Yayyyyyyy!!! 
She impresses the fuck out of me.  She's an incredible liquid dnb DJ.  #rare
There is just so much to talk about her...  This is one of her DJ sets if u want to follow her on Soundcloud.  She also runs Vinyl Revisions, and all vinyl production company. 

Here is more about her here and here and here :D

And I can't tell u how sorry I was to miss this---her 2nd time playing.  She's fly as fuk peeps.

Love & Light,



  1. I don't know how that live stories thing works. Is it a separate app or something?

    1. It's on Instagram!!!!! I'll tag u and explain!