Saturday, July 15, 2017

One of the Reasons I like to Remember to Stay Different Power of Fashion and Blogging and Johnny Cash and Shelby Sells Perv on the Go

Stay different. 
I know people make fun of the idea, but when u truly use fashion as a way to express your own style to the fullest, then fashion becomes art---meaningful, representative, an aesthetic... 

This is the night we went to Pikachu's rave:

I am over 40 and I totally push the limit on how I dress.  
One of the thing's I appreciate most in CandyMan is his love and just total honest support of my style. 
I'm out there lol 

This quote was on the back of one of my first business cards. 
I've heard fashion trivialized as a vapid and materialistic industry, but we are a very powerful liberal and quite subversive community. Clothes are conceptual, necessary, practical, symbolic, natural, synthetic, historical, cultural, political, conservative, radical, artistic----
dissident in nature----and yet, popular/social...
Low-key art that people participate in daily almost subconsciously. 
Fashion is massive and powerful.
I'm rly proud to be working on my blog more.  

As I was typing this my hat I just bought from Depop online came in...
I came across it randomly and had been desperate to get it.  It never came back in stock---but luckily someone was ready to pass it on!!!!  Secondhand woot woot!!  So happy to finally score it.  
Made by Shelby from Perv on the Go
Annnnnnd it's like I'm proving my own point.

I had to have it in vary blue, although it does come in pink and white!
Never give up :D

More Britney

Love & Light, 

"a tiger doesn't change his stripes"


  1. Yay to men like ours who don't interfere in how we chose to dress. xxx

  2. You are fabulous, and always wear what you love. xox


  3. I so appreciate being able to buy vintage and reuse/re-purpose items others have loved and passed on. Fashion is absolutely a personal expression of so many aspects of ourselves and that is to be celebrated in all ways. Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!