Saturday, July 8, 2017

Outfits Yes, I'm over 40 and everyone still hates how I dress except my bf and bff I'm serious

I just deleted a folder of pictures on my phone with 1,513 pictures w/o even looking at it bcuz I need more space on my phone.  !!!!!!!!!!!!  Trying no to care lololol

Who knows what pics I lost.
At least, I got to celebrate my mom's bday with her and the family today.  I'll try to post a pic, but here's the same old one for now I just posted here.  "Always missing my dad." (Sentence a Day)

Wearing a dress I've had since high school that is missing 2 buttons and I use a brooch to pin.  
I'm over 40 so we're talking almost 25 years old for this garment.  Simple dress that I still luv <3

Bunny ears edit for fun.

CandyMan made this cute as hell collage for IG of us and I luv everything about it. 

Love & Light, 

Linking to Patti's Visible Monday!

IG what up what up 

Luv his work.

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mami!!!! 

Enjoying summerrrrrrr like...

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