Friday, July 14, 2017

TOXIC When a southern Grandma is 'Less than Impressed" with u then u probably are a C U Next Tuesday!!!

It's Britney bitch

This is my life now
and 4ever
bcuz I will alwayzzz <3 Britney

My mother has pretty high expectations and I guess I do to.  I definitely expect responsibility, competency, fairness, justice, and selfless behavior, especially from a parent...  Amongst a thousand other things lolol!!  I was lucky to be raised by a woman like her and it's nice to get to acknowledge that while she's still here.  I get to appreciate her.  She calls things like she sees 'em and she'll face anyone or anything for her family.  She's an amazing lady.   Extended family is very important to both Shane and I----we're very lucky. It's fantastic getting to watch her with all our kids now. 

ART from The Artist Kitchen in Asheville!!!

Camo hat in full effect.  Camo discusses more here and here.
I've been living in Asheville about 3.5 years. 
I absolutely love it.

LondonDaBridge drew a picture while we hung out and gave it to the DJ's spinning that day. 

These come-ups are no joke!  She's a gamer, like Pikachu, she can draw!
Super cool.

Me, biting her style :D
Pikachu hat!  Thrifted Puma t-shirt.  Boyfriend's silver chain.

Her biting mine <3

Love & Light, 

                                Basement Poetry Corner

I'm a failsafe.
When I finally know what a thing is, I know what it issssssssss.
Then I don't know anymore. 

I'm a failsafe.
And I look for other failsafes.


  1. You could be sisters, you're so pretty and sooooo alike! xxx

  2. I adore seeing the younger generation expressing themselves through art and head-wear! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!