Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Can Only Do So Much, So I Do What I Can and I wear t-shirts from the boys department as crop tops sooooooooooo

I miss my mom so much and I regret that I didn't get to see her again before she passed.
When I think of this summer it does not seem good for obvi reasons and was very frustrating, but I did have some small acts of kindness and love that meant so much.

One was from a friend in Florida I've known since the 6th grade----one of my first Florida friends.

It's a vintage postcard of Bok Singing Tower.
Her msg on the back is so sweet and it also reminds me of another v good friend who was married there----unfortunately we are no longer in touch :(
I cried 2nite reading it again. 

I was going back through photos of the past year on my phone looking for old stuff to use since I'm not in the mood for ootd posts and I was noticing the countenance on someone's face was especially hard compared to what it used to be-----I could see the change in the photos.  So weird.  Like scrolling thru time.  I hope the softness  comes back.

Meanwhile, since I look pretty terrible and need a haircut and color, I'll share some of the random pics I found that I don't think I've shared b4.

I've had these jeans since the 90s lolol and they're v western.  My friend Jessica used to sort of laugh at me when I'd where them.  I have a matching sleeveless shirt that I think actually does have a horse or cowboy on it soooooooooo there's that.

In this pic I'm bored in the car taking selfies in ginormous mall kiosk and a vintage 70s disco style shirt that it's going to be cool enuf to wear again.  That turquoise necklace was from my mom <3

Pineapple brooch gifted from HR, CandyMan's bff.  He's v lucky to have a friend like her and I am too, now.  Child's yellow Puma shirt shown here b4.

A little Florida GIF

Some old friends, best friends and brothers up there in the mix.  
A little bit of our hearts are always in Florida with friends & family.
Please note the backwards leather strap Polo hat on Jessie there---looking good!  I needs one lololol

Love & Light, 


This is actually me, tho 


  1. This summer...sighhh. You're always beautiful, no matter how you think you look, and you know those are some of my favorite jeans on you. I is. xo Everyone deserves HR in their lives. Especially you, family... <3

  2. I love that necklace your Mum gave you, she obviously had incredibly cool taste, just like her daughter.
    How sweet is that vintage postcard? Sad to lose touch with a friend, is it too late to drop her a line? xxx