Monday, August 28, 2017

I have no new outfit posts so I'm looking at old haircuts when I was in my mid-30s lolol!!!

Some of you remember when I was blonde!!!!  Sort of a layered blonde and bang sitch.  Mid-30s or so... I'm 41 now.

This was early/mid-30s.  Kind of a red asymmetrical very hardcore bangs sitch.
Wearing a dark floral in this one like Patti talks about on Visible Monday!

Mid-30s again!

I wonder where that shirt is above ^^^  I think I used to wear it all the time.

Did so much work today around the house and doing massive yard work the next 2 days.  I just had all these lists of things to do and I'm tackling them.  Just getting the house sorted after being in Tampa for a week and what-not, leaving in a rush because of things to begin with...  

I really need a trim now and I'm kinda totally broke----I have some hair dye that I'm going to smear all over my head and hope it covers all the grey lol 
I have a tube or so left over from from the $2.99 on sale Sally Beauty Supply run about a month ago. 

Maybe I'll have a new picture soon.  Just not looking like hot stuff lately and not in an ootd or selfie mood.  I think everyone has had those days.  

Love & Light, 


  1. Love this peek at the past. Heh. Yip, we all have those days. Cheers, love, and light.

  2. I love your inverted bob especially when it was dark! You gorgeous thang!
    Most of my 30s hair involved a really short fringe (bangs to you), I looked like a serial killer! xxx

  3. You look great in all haircuts, hon, seriously. I have a bottle of my purple dye that I only use a bit at a time to touch up my roots (they are all white, scary, eee!). Yes, we all have those days - some of us are just good at faking it. Lol, those dark florals - weren't they a thing just 2 years ago? I can't keep up!

  4. Those bobs are cool! I really like the one with the dark hair and severe bangs.

    Yes, we all have those days.


  5. I love your inverted bob especially when it was dark! You gorgeous thang!