Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Planned Parenthood is Awesome and PinkCheetahVintage and The Wrecking Krew are proud to participate

Yooooooooo, if u r in Asheville then I suggest you come support this event!!!!

I luv how this lady MC is getting involved.  Activism has always been a big part of hip-hop and the MC and DJ community. 
PinkCheetahVintage and The WreckingKrew decided to sponsor an hour gift certificate to Massage Envy to help raise funds for Planned Parenthood and give out the code STEADYREP10 for a 10% discount at the store.

I even like the name 'Planned Parenthood'.  I love the whole idea of planning whether u have a family or not----conscious procreation and/or NOT procreating.  Man, I admire all the people with no children. I have no doubt, that you are probably of higher intelligence and/or at least educated at a higher level---in general.  At least, from what I've seen...  Yeah, I have like 5 kids sooooooooooo there's that.

Here are a few examples of the kids at HR & Jon's house with Ace!!!! (Family/frends)
(They have all been gone for over 2 weeks and we misssssss them!!!!!)

These 5 were all PLANNED by a total of four people at dif times and yet, we still have a rather muddled situation.

I have an immediate family member who is ill and all I want is my whole family together.
My ex-husband and his new girlfriend first introduced these children together as siblings when they started living together as a family.
I think the girls would like to have their brothers with them, but it is clearly complicated.
All we can do is try our hardest to respect the relationships the children have made that were originally the adults' decision.

It's not ez in the modern world, although step-children and step-parents are rather standard in the history of families.
Classics are written about this v common scenario.

For instance!
Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel...
There was a common theme throughout.

Be careful what u wish for, r??????

Also, unless u want a mess of childrens like u see above, then please talk about and support Planned Parenthood.

Here I am in HR's vintage vest which I may have posted b4, but it's worth a repeat.
I need to fix these sunnies, tho.  We have am eyeglass repair kit that may work if I can find the earpiece that broke off.


Love & Light,


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  1. Jesus, if I'd had to pay for contraception I'd probably have 20 kids, I've been on the pill since I was 17 (33 years)!

  2. Good for you for supporting that worthy organization, Becky! I have never wanted kids and I'm grateful to live in a time when that's a CHOICE for me. Kudos to women like you who have planned their kids!

    Love your pink hair! With those sunnies you just look too kool for skool. ;-P

  3. I've been on the pill since I was 17 (33 years)!