Wednesday, August 9, 2017

They Love Love and Crystals and Stuff lol Beatniks & Hippies Asheville Allen Ginsberg

So, it's fun living in a cool, progressive city.

There are LOTS of women that I've met that totally identify as witches.  V normal here in Asheville.   I like to call myself The Wizard bcuz I attract all the witches lololol
Everybody is vibrating at a higher level, adjusting chakras, basically being just as $hitty as other people everywhere, but we recycle like beasts here, so there's that!!!!!
I just enjoy NOT being the craziest looking mom at the school functions!!!!

On IG in honor of first days of school everywhere!

                             Basement Poetry Corner

In honor of it all, one of my legit fav poems :)


Everything wrong with Asheville in one meme lolol

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  1. Yep looks like my kind of starter pack, I keep getting lost down the esoteric rabbit hole :D Except not the cute girl in the middle because I've no time to actually style myself adorable, haha. We want to go to Ashville to sell our wares, just our demographic.

    I *love* the picture, oh my god the CAT! These styles stuck around well until my first grade in the early 90s, I recall having something kind of like that bow shirt in my childhood!