Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Asheville Altamount Poetry Series at The Block Super GOOD and Jeff Bridges from ModPo

I popped out to the Asheville Altamount Poetry series at The Block.  They re-did this place and it looks super cool!  I don't think I'd ever hung her b4, but I knew it had been made over----and it looked cool!


Stained glass bar!

A CD of poetry that I got from my fav poet of the night, perhaps in a rather aggressive way...
His first and second poem he read almost made me scream out. "That's BADASS Kevin!"
Please note: Many ppl do this polite low-key (slightly weird) snapping to give props----not holler out loudly.  I knew I needed to leave come 9pm lickety-split, but I was super happy.  Just hearing those two poems read out loud fuct me up in a good way.

 Jeff Bridges!  I met him through another poetry person Megan, who introduced me to ModPo...

Also, my computer broke.
Blogging from this phone (blogger app) and can't figure out how to do hyperlinks & stuff. Can't even find the tool bar...
Any advice welcome. 
And when I think of everythibg else that is going on rn that is sad, my computer going should be the least of my sadness, and yet, it's rly bringing me down :(

I'll be reading yer blargs soon for inspo peeps!

Love & Light, 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

I ate tacos until 3am at home one night for no good reason, but I'm not mad!

I'm not sure if I should brag, but I rly like my taco video!
My daughter, Girl London, went crazy for it----she's into flying tacos big time!

Then LondonDaBridge & I had a selfie filter extravaganza :D



I love the pics lol.  This is probably better than me trying to talk about my outfits lately.
It's been a lot of no bueno with the clothes for some reason.  Although leggings as pants are really working out for me...  A lot.
I've had more grief come my way, but I can't say I didn't expect it.  I did.
I'm off to do a little late blog reading and hoping all your worlds are good 2nite <3 <3 <3

Love & Light,

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

More poetry and FancyBoy and 90s outfits like tank tops and lots of jewelry and fun with filters---- yes, I'm an over 40 fashion blogger and I still like this stuff!

I didn't even realize I was doing it, but I started using fancy little evening bags as purses----like the pair down grab a small bag, but for daytime-----I mean, I knew I was doing that, but then I realized I had just started wearing it around my neck like a necklace!!!!
A huge Flav-o-flav style evening bag-purse necklace!

Vintage 90s tank top!
Thrifted 90s jeans!
Gifted 80s evening bag!(worn a necklace/purse!)
Jewelry assortment.

I'm also into amazing animal pig and filter make-up stuff!!!!!  
I don't actually look like a pretty pig ya'll!!!!!

                                     Basement Poetry Corner

Not sure the author, but I it spoke to me.

I'll be reading your blogs for inspo----I've felt overwhelmed, but I know that's just so common.  Everyone I know says the same thing :)  I hope we all get thru it and can finally relax a bit----even tho that's the future, I'm dreaming about it now. 

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gucci fall lewks Imma steal and Irma wasn't bad here, but still some damage to the done and also Imma be the King Soon

My fall aesthetic!!!!!!!!!

Gucci is KILLING the game----the men's game.
I want every lewk for MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I can't deal with it
I want to wear it so bad!!!!!



SAME NIGHT---- 3 selfie pics 

Vintage velvet leopard print blazer with shoulder pads!

Scarf from a stripper actually that I've kept and loved for like over 2 decades...  U never know!

(jacket off---sounds dirty lolol!) Vintage silver disco shirt underneath!!!

Love & Light, 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

My friends are here from Florida to escape hurricane Irma and I'm sorry for the reason, but I love their faces!

My friends decided to evacuate Tampa, FL last night at midnight and drove 12 hours (all night) to Asheville!!!
They're here safe and sound with their extremely lovely little boy they've nicknamed 'The Dictator', yet he's always so sweet when I see him...  I met them out for a quick dinner and chat and even though it was for a scary reason, we're all happy to see each other's faces <3 <3 <3

Sitting at a place called The Walk in West Asheville the menu & restaurant is very kid friendly and delicious.  They were tired from their drive, but in really good spirits.  Jessica is majorly involved in politics and the whole family is amazing basically :D

I do love Florida-----are we rly that crazy??? lololol I guess lost perspective after a few decades.

I'm wearing my dad's Greek fisherman's hat and a vintage chambray shirt that's embroidered and Jessica kept screaming at me, "You're Asheville!!!!  You're so Asheville now!!!!"
LOLOLOLOLOL  it was one outfit-----but, this shirt screams granola!!!

Anyone else near or around Florida???  Friends or family?  Evacuating?  I know at least two guests  at the Airbnb this week that are evacuating and they said Georgia is full!!!!!  ATL is crazy rn!  Asheville is filling up, too.
I'm v bored and hoping someone puts up a post 2nite!  I've been struggling with outfits lately----I feel like everything looks weird!! Ughhhhhh!

Love & Light, 

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Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm not in Florida anymore, but I'm freaking out over the hurricane!!! What's happening in France? Ireland? IDK!!! Irma! Also, I wore enormous glasses in the 90s that everyone hated lol

My one friend feels like his whole town home is just going to blow away.  I told him hide in the downstairs bathroom!!!
Jessica & Co. might actually pop up to Asheville if they need to evacuate!
My brother has no idea what's going on and is securing his place just now.

This gorgeous big blue-eyed girl Lana rocking a necklace my mom brought back from Africa I gifted her with her PinkCheetahVintage order!!!!! I met her thru CandyMan and had an amazing time meeting her for one night in Burlington.  Her husband was v cool and it was def worth the extra drive to see her face in person.

And lovely Spawn rocking a vintage hand-made Star Wars skirt!!!!!

I'm so stoked they shared pics with me.  More pics!!!!!

This is a close-up of the afore mentioned Booty-O's shirt. 

90s flashback friday TGIF in IG

People had so much to say about these glasses-----everyone hated them except my grandmother and cousin Fran lolololol :D

In honor of the 90s I'm going to use this tube of pink/purple hair dye from Sally Beauty Supply and see if I can't work some magic.  By smearing it on my head.
Trying to resist the urge to trim my hair.  Because I can't rly cut hair and don't necessarily want a bad haircut...

Love & Light, 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hey Yo FancyBoy here and I'm Working on some Major New Graphic Design Art Projects and I do performance art and I write poetry

I mean, if u know me, u know I've always loved art and I just need to get back to my roots of creativity.  This rly entails exploring kindergarden level 'collage' making.  I'm v modern tho now and am rly into new technology, so I'm doing a lot of digital.  

Just don't stop living your dreams ppl.  It's never too late for that NEW START!  I'm not going to quit my job or anything----I can't afford all that nonsense, I mean, luxury!!!!  I'll just do my projects on the side.

Fun stuff ahead.  Maybe weird.  Idk.  It should be good tho.

The lewk

Panda Head
Bootie-O's shirt gifted by Ace (cool kid---I'll be like the ring-bearer and wear this magical shirt until the next specialioso gets it***)
Digital "Snake in the grass tat"  (future for real, but for now, ya' know---I have to keep the electric and aqua on)
Head stamp: Porn in the Dropbox ref (major theme of work)

Fun facts: 

I'm over 40 years old, I'm 41 actually
I totally look like it in person
I wear kid t-shirts
I wear panda heads
I sell vintage clothes 
I run rental property 
I have a lot to say---nobody wants to listen---so I blog it.


Screenshot inspo look bcuz I need it:

I can't wait to c what u ppl are up to----I'll be up in ur blaarrrrgsssss!

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Picking up everything sucks... In other news, I still wear my 90s clothes and my blog is rather popular in Russia

You know when you look around and you're cleaning up and picking stuff up and it seems endless and you start to get annoyed bcuz, yeah, IT SUCKS.  It's ok, tho.  It's just not fun, but I am lucky and I have had fun b4, so I guess this is not my time rn.
I'd luv a family vacation...  HAHAHA         NOT in the cards-----but, I can dream about it <3

Speaking of DREAMS & DREAMERS:

Also, this is the shirt (worn separately here) that I just talked about that matches these jeans here.
I'm 41 years old so these are legit my old clothes.

My friend Jessica,  aka Star, might not remember this, but she used to give me side-eye, and I think talked shit to my face, when I wore this outfit (totally match-matchy then, of course) back in the 90s.  She was like, WHAT R U WEARING?????  
It has a Britney Spears vibe or something western----I still have.  I obvi need to wear the totally matching outfit next at some point.   Clearly.
Also, did the selfie filter break???  I need a tan!!!And buffalo shrimp lol

As I've said before, my mother passed recently, and I miss her.  If you have an amazing mother just call her and hug her.  

I love how the kids don't use beauty filters.  They use funny face filters----I'm in one of these pics and it reminds me of an old Halloween costume I wore once! ;)


I've been having a lot of fun with Facebook lately---which is weird bcuz I used to find it annoying, but I've started getting into it and posting a lot more.

Love & Light,

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Everyone is Saying it, but it totally does Feel like Fall---maybe time to bust out cardigans and beanies

I will probably drink a stout soon.  I usually do once I feel a little chill in the air.

Halloween is def on everyone's mind!

Here is a fun vintage LegAvenue Little Red Riding Hood outfit that is in the shop now.

Whether you decide on vintage or not, def consider a secondhand outfit----helps the environment!

Growing up in Tampa/St. Pete lots of my friends are Salvador Dali fans and Alice in Wonderland/Disney fans, as well.  I can't wait to peruse this amazing copy of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Dali that was gifted by an old friend and looks super cool. 

Soon the leaves will change.  Lots of people come to Asheville to see them.  Lots of Airbnb guests will be doing just that here.

I'm looking rather pale irl and my hair is about 4 inches of grey/brown roots and I wish I could get a real haircut/color, but I'm totally broke.  Filters and photo-edits are everything.
Here I am as a cat.


This tank top is mine from the late 90s.  Actually, the jeans I'm wearing are mine from the late 90s, also.   

What is everyone wearing???  I've seen a lot of black & white everywhere, so I'll be reading your blogs and 'check'-ing you out :D (lolol)

Love & Light,

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Also, Phil Collins is bae & I kinda luv him 4ever.  I don't see how anyone wouldn't...  Enjoy <3

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Some stuff I like, a pasty selfie in my dad's old hat, and that's about it for now!

I feel like fall & WINTER IS IS COMING lolol (are coming) whatever, but this sequin shirt should be worn around town soon!!!!  FOR SALE HERE!!!!!!!! 

Me here in glasses wondering wtf happened to the selfie filter!!!!!!  
I'm wearing my dad's Greek fisherman's hat from Tarpon Springs.  He passed away almost 
7 years ago.  He used to wear it out and then buy another one.  

This is a beaded vintage purse from another seller that I just saved a picture of 
because it's a small bit of AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I showed up at a play with one of my little ones and the play we were supposed to watch tonight was over-----so disappointing. My 7 year old took it rather well, while I was all bemoaning the sitch.  

Love & Light,