Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Asheville Altamount Poetry Series at The Block Super GOOD and Jeff Bridges from ModPo

I popped out to the Asheville Altamount Poetry series at The Block.  They re-did this place and it looks super cool!  I don't think I'd ever hung her b4, but I knew it had been made over----and it looked cool!


Stained glass bar!

A CD of poetry that I got from my fav poet of the night, perhaps in a rather aggressive way...
His first and second poem he read almost made me scream out. "That's BADASS Kevin!"
Please note: Many ppl do this polite low-key (slightly weird) snapping to give props----not holler out loudly.  I knew I needed to leave come 9pm lickety-split, but I was super happy.  Just hearing those two poems read out loud fuct me up in a good way.

 Jeff Bridges!  I met him through another poetry person Megan, who introduced me to ModPo...

Also, my computer broke.
Blogging from this phone (blogger app) and can't figure out how to do hyperlinks & stuff. Can't even find the tool bar...
Any advice welcome. 
And when I think of everythibg else that is going on rn that is sad, my computer going should be the least of my sadness, and yet, it's rly bringing me down :(

I'll be reading yer blargs soon for inspo peeps!

Love & Light, 

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  1. The Jeff Bridges? Wow!
    That looks like a cool bar, love the stained glass.
    Sending you loads and loads of love. xxxx