Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Everyone is Saying it, but it totally does Feel like Fall---maybe time to bust out cardigans and beanies

I will probably drink a stout soon.  I usually do once I feel a little chill in the air.

Halloween is def on everyone's mind!

Here is a fun vintage LegAvenue Little Red Riding Hood outfit that is in the shop now.

Whether you decide on vintage or not, def consider a secondhand outfit----helps the environment!

Growing up in Tampa/St. Pete lots of my friends are Salvador Dali fans and Alice in Wonderland/Disney fans, as well.  I can't wait to peruse this amazing copy of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Dali that was gifted by an old friend and looks super cool. 

Soon the leaves will change.  Lots of people come to Asheville to see them.  Lots of Airbnb guests will be doing just that here.

I'm looking rather pale irl and my hair is about 4 inches of grey/brown roots and I wish I could get a real haircut/color, but I'm totally broke.  Filters and photo-edits are everything.
Here I am as a cat.


This tank top is mine from the late 90s.  Actually, the jeans I'm wearing are mine from the late 90s, also.   

What is everyone wearing???  I've seen a lot of black & white everywhere, so I'll be reading your blogs and 'check'-ing you out :D (lolol)

Love & Light,

SHOP HERE: PinkCheetahVintage


Also, Phil Collins is bae & I kinda luv him 4ever.  I don't see how anyone wouldn't...  Enjoy <3


  1. Beautiful dress!I love the combination of color in the dress...

  2. Leg Avenue do some crazy stuff, don't they?
    I experimented and didn't dye my hair for a couple of months but my roots are still blonde - I hate myself as a blonde. Back to the bottle!
    Do you have any beauty training schools nearby? Ours do great deals on haircuts and dyes and because they're students they are supervised. xxx

  3. love the combination of color in the dress...