Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hey Yo FancyBoy here and I'm Working on some Major New Graphic Design Art Projects and I do performance art and I write poetry

I mean, if u know me, u know I've always loved art and I just need to get back to my roots of creativity.  This rly entails exploring kindergarden level 'collage' making.  I'm v modern tho now and am rly into new technology, so I'm doing a lot of digital.  

Just don't stop living your dreams ppl.  It's never too late for that NEW START!  I'm not going to quit my job or anything----I can't afford all that nonsense, I mean, luxury!!!!  I'll just do my projects on the side.

Fun stuff ahead.  Maybe weird.  Idk.  It should be good tho.

The lewk

Panda Head
Bootie-O's shirt gifted by Ace (cool kid---I'll be like the ring-bearer and wear this magical shirt until the next specialioso gets it***)
Digital "Snake in the grass tat"  (future for real, but for now, ya' know---I have to keep the electric and aqua on)
Head stamp: Porn in the Dropbox ref (major theme of work)

Fun facts: 

I'm over 40 years old, I'm 41 actually
I totally look like it in person
I wear kid t-shirts
I wear panda heads
I sell vintage clothes 
I run rental property 
I have a lot to say---nobody wants to listen---so I blog it.


Screenshot inspo look bcuz I need it:

I can't wait to c what u ppl are up to----I'll be up in ur blaarrrrgsssss!

Love & Light, 

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  1. I love creatin' stuff - I've got an Afghani dress project on my mind that needs to be made real this winter! xxx