Saturday, September 9, 2017

My friends are here from Florida to escape hurricane Irma and I'm sorry for the reason, but I love their faces!

My friends decided to evacuate Tampa, FL last night at midnight and drove 12 hours (all night) to Asheville!!!
They're here safe and sound with their extremely lovely little boy they've nicknamed 'The Dictator', yet he's always so sweet when I see him...  I met them out for a quick dinner and chat and even though it was for a scary reason, we're all happy to see each other's faces <3 <3 <3

Sitting at a place called The Walk in West Asheville the menu & restaurant is very kid friendly and delicious.  They were tired from their drive, but in really good spirits.  Jessica is majorly involved in politics and the whole family is amazing basically :D

I do love Florida-----are we rly that crazy??? lololol I guess lost perspective after a few decades.

I'm wearing my dad's Greek fisherman's hat and a vintage chambray shirt that's embroidered and Jessica kept screaming at me, "You're Asheville!!!!  You're so Asheville now!!!!"
LOLOLOLOLOL  it was one outfit-----but, this shirt screams granola!!!

Anyone else near or around Florida???  Friends or family?  Evacuating?  I know at least two guests  at the Airbnb this week that are evacuating and they said Georgia is full!!!!!  ATL is crazy rn!  Asheville is filling up, too.
I'm v bored and hoping someone puts up a post 2nite!  I've been struggling with outfits lately----I feel like everything looks weird!! Ughhhhhh!

Love & Light, 

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  1. You look super cute in that hat.

    Canada may have a cold winter but we don't have to endure hurricanes or floods. I really hope everyone is going to be safe. It looks beyond treacherous.

    I always say to myself when I'm having outfit issues..."Let the vintage guide you." Ha ha! From one vintage seller to another I think you'll understand ; )


  2. You're gorgeous, I so love your Dad's hat on you.
    No freaky weather here, it's basically the same all year round - wet, cold and uninspiring. When we have sun we all go mad, go and get drunk and burn like lobsters. Stupid Brits. xxx

  3. Lovin' the hat!! I know I'm super late but I have new post up today if you're still bored. Hopefully you haven't been bored for 3 days straight!

  4. I really hope everyone is going to be safe. It looks beyond treacherous.