Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Picking up everything sucks... In other news, I still wear my 90s clothes and my blog is rather popular in Russia

You know when you look around and you're cleaning up and picking stuff up and it seems endless and you start to get annoyed bcuz, yeah, IT SUCKS.  It's ok, tho.  It's just not fun, but I am lucky and I have had fun b4, so I guess this is not my time rn.
I'd luv a family vacation...  HAHAHA         NOT in the cards-----but, I can dream about it <3

Speaking of DREAMS & DREAMERS:

Also, this is the shirt (worn separately here) that I just talked about that matches these jeans here.
I'm 41 years old so these are legit my old clothes.

My friend Jessica,  aka Star, might not remember this, but she used to give me side-eye, and I think talked shit to my face, when I wore this outfit (totally match-matchy then, of course) back in the 90s.  She was like, WHAT R U WEARING?????  
It has a Britney Spears vibe or something western----I still have.  I obvi need to wear the totally matching outfit next at some point.   Clearly.
Also, did the selfie filter break???  I need a tan!!!And buffalo shrimp lol

As I've said before, my mother passed recently, and I miss her.  If you have an amazing mother just call her and hug her.  

I love how the kids don't use beauty filters.  They use funny face filters----I'm in one of these pics and it reminds me of an old Halloween costume I wore once! ;)


I've been having a lot of fun with Facebook lately---which is weird bcuz I used to find it annoying, but I've started getting into it and posting a lot more.

Love & Light,

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  1. Facebook is the lesser of the social media evils, I don't get the point of Tw*tter and Insta**** leaves me cold, so effin' false!
    Yes, people need to hug their mums if they're lucky enough to have one. xxx