Sunday, September 3, 2017

Some stuff I like, a pasty selfie in my dad's old hat, and that's about it for now!

I feel like fall & WINTER IS IS COMING lolol (are coming) whatever, but this sequin shirt should be worn around town soon!!!!  FOR SALE HERE!!!!!!!! 

Me here in glasses wondering wtf happened to the selfie filter!!!!!!  
I'm wearing my dad's Greek fisherman's hat from Tarpon Springs.  He passed away almost 
7 years ago.  He used to wear it out and then buy another one.  

This is a beaded vintage purse from another seller that I just saved a picture of 
because it's a small bit of AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I showed up at a play with one of my little ones and the play we were supposed to watch tonight was over-----so disappointing. My 7 year old took it rather well, while I was all bemoaning the sitch.  

Love & Light,


  1. Wow, Becky, all this glitter is making me feel retro fabulous. Thanks for linking up, X0.


  2. I love the story about your dad's hat. You look great in this one. And even if the play was over, it's great that you went out. Theatre is magic.

  3. Egyptian Revival! Yes! I need that bag in my life.
    That sequined cocktail top would have flown off our rails at one of the festivals.
    Love your Dad's cap, you look fantastic in it. xxx