Sunday, October 29, 2017

Baby Dream Turns 8 and it snowed today!! If you didn't know, making slime is a popular pastime!

Well, little CocoLoco aka Baby Dream turns 8 at midnight.
She requested a birthday party at the house-----which used to be standard for my children...  Honestly, it used to turn into a party for friends and family, as well lololol!!!
Celebrating bdays is a joy.

Anyway, it was cake & punch at home!

She had several themes. Unicorns was one!  Instead of Goody Bags I did a candy bar with little pastel chinese take-out boxes to fill up.

I went to the local asian store---literally called Oriental Market and & got fun Japanese treats.  The little boxes of cookies and money banks filled with treats were only $4.99 & 5.99.  I put some on a tray and set the packages behind them because they were so cute.

Little friends.  That purple hair, tho!! Amirite???  
These kidzzz r so cool!

Sherbert punch with unicorn straws.

The little $5.99 animal banks were filled with fun fruit jellies they taste tested & guessed flavors.

Got an $18 gallon of glue from Michael's with a 50% off coupon for $9.
The big girls were in charge of the slime making table!
BTW, making slime is very popular and GLUE is all the rage. 
Especially in GirlTown.  I carry super in my purse and someone always needs it!
For real.

Piñata made by my friend Laura to represent the TV theme!!!!  Many themed day!!!

Clown nose!!!!  So exciting!!!!
And artwork by Kiki in the back from a canvas she found brand new in the street.
Street art!

Look closely lolol

The Crow (shown b4 here ;) made the piñata :)

Some older ones got to stay the night, so it was face-painting and they choreographed two video----which are amazing, but I'll spare u!!!

It snowed today!!!!
It was cold!
It got instantly dark---so I'm not leaving the house---which is fine because---
I'm totally broke!
I won't be doing anything but working---I hope I have something to blog about lol

Love & Light, 


  1. Happy Birthday, Cocoloco!!! What a cool mum you are, that party looks an absolute riot!
    It snowed??!!! I'm miserable 'cos the clocks have gone back and it's dark at 6pm. Hate winter. xxxx

  2. SO cute and colorful :) and wow, snow!! We got a random cold snap down here, too.

  3. Kids birthdays are the BEST!

    Looks like you did a great job and everyone had a blast.

    My gosh that purple hair is fantastic!

    PS I had to look up the whole slime thing. I had no idea! Ha ha!

  4. Wow, I want you to throw MY birthday party! That looks like so much fun! What an awesome mom you are to do all this fun stuff. We have a whole Chinatown here, full of stores like that - so much cheap stuff, it's unbelievable.

    Say hello to my little purple-hairs sister! Yeah!

  5. Felt I was there sharing the fun! I tried many attempts at slime over the summer holidays with the grandkiddies - none worked. Do you have a winning recipe?
    Hugs, x.

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