Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gucci Unskilled Worker art is amazing Gucci Pineapple Glasses and art is everything Asheville is poppin' and I wish a few of my blogger girls could visit meh!!!!

Unskilled Worker for Gucci fukkkkkkkk
get on IG peeps

This girl tho uggghhhhhh

I have a pineapple glasses thing happening----swear it was b4 Gucci, but whatevs...

Plato's closet 2nd hand from years ago in Tampa dress and AliExpress harness

I'm 41 and for fuck's sake I wear what I want, but some ppl do judge.
Fukkkkk them.

I rly wish I could meet a few of u blogger ladies.  Especially the ones that are a tad older than me----it's hard to explain how your presence and VISIBILITY (visible monday/stylecrone/embellish or perish on IG---dross into gold, melon, vix----jeez----endless) & VOICES affect me.
It's major.
THANK U!!!!!!!

I respect the fuk out of the younger generation & millennials, too.
Please check the link above for credit for the lewk inspo.
I used $1.98 make-up from WallyWorld lololol and I look CRRRRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZY!
Luv it :)
More party pics laterzzz

Coco Loco being QT with me!!!

More on dis parteyyyyyyy laters <3 <3 <3 

Love & Light, 


  1. That art is incredible, 'specially the first picture.
    Love your crazy ass makeup and skeleton suit and who judges you? People on instagram? Can't you block the judgmental bastards.
    We really need to do a USA trip...maybe when I start to act like a grown up and sell the parental home.
    Lova ya, babe. xxx

  2. Is that your art? It's amazing! I love that you do your own thing, hon. DO IT! Fuck what other people think of you - do they post pics of themselves?? Then shut the fuck up! If you ever make it out to the West Coast, I would hang with you. What state are you in??

  3. Thanks for the love for us older bloggers!! You're such an original and I'd love to meet you one day soon. The art is amazing, thanks for sharing, xox