Saturday, October 21, 2017

Working, but still broke lol----like most people, so good thing I like hand-me-downs, vintage, and second-hand looks bcuz that's all there is!!!

Besides stressing about money, I've been working or cleaning--
I don't know if I can talk about painting the kitchen.  It turned into a project that still involves random dishes everywhere and add a backed up sink happening in the middle of it----I feel like it's turned a corner, but sheesh.  It was basically a nightmare. Do it again in about 2 or 3 years I guess lolzzz

I've been trying to model vintage more (of my own & from the shop) so u can see how I look, wear it, & style it.  Sometimes stuff works.

This 80s red lace dress is listed here

Faux pearls ftw---Patti knows what's up!!
I feel like a lot of vintage dresses rly have that wow factor that people want for a special occasion----I'm like, put on that crazy, sexy, lace dress from the 80s---it's the va-va-voom factor you've been looking for rly :)

Now this is me in my simple 60s/70s hemmed green dress---my personal collection.

Here is a different green dress that used to be mine, but is now is for sale here

Me in my red vintage 60s/70s puff sleeve dress above.  I am a sucker for a red dress!!!

And this lovely vintage 80s/90s vintage black velvet open back dress sold here.

Very glam faux pearl look again----and flip-flops---- lolol
Listen, I'm over 40, kinda stressed out, and trying hard---my looks are NEVER polished or perfect.  
Black cheapo lace kitty ears that I got for a few dollars at the mall for your consideration-----u could think about trying on a new lewk!!!  Even if u don't wear it out, try it on :D
  I think the black lace kitty ears are fun for a glam look out, tho <3

I know it's a little shop heavy----but, I'm trying to give some peeps a reason to search for something different & put it on!!  Put it on ur bodyyyyy lol!!!  U never know...

Love & Light, 


  1. You said it!! I like those never-polished or perfect looks - they are waaaay too overrated. Every outfit needs an edge to pick. Great photos.

  2. Sod Xmas, we're spending December redecorating and I can't wait although I'll probably be tearing my hair out a few days in.
    Love the red puff sleeved dress. xxx

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  4. I so agree - wear something for fun! Try something new! You look awesome in all these dresses! I feel like I might need a set of kitty ears...

  5. Agreed! Polished and perfect just aren't in my vocabulary. Hope the kitchen shapes up fast, and you're looking gor-ge-ous in these vintage frocks. xox


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  8. Love the style in the first photo!