Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year! I have bangs and I'm a brunette I love my vintage sailor navy shirt

I'm obsessed with my authentic vintage wool navy shirt.

These chicks have incredible customized shirts.  Just, yeah.

Me in the shirt and HTM bag swag. 
Yeah, I'm in a car repair shop bathroom.

Hi!!!  I can't take a good pic of this vintage vest----I suck lol sold here!

Brunette me with fresh bangs and spec and my vintage 60s ren fest acquired shirt.

Old school plaid skirt again ftw on Christmas <3

I totally ate an Italian sub on Christmas...

60s shirt shown here in this post lmaooooooo my dope trippy shirt and the beer is the most legit shit in the posts tbh 

wearing a harness and thrifted pleather leggings & boots

HAHA <3 

Warm fingerless gloves and massive cheap men's (fake) rose-gold watch. 
The holidays have me eating and drinking too good and I'm grateful for this good lyfe.  
Hard to totally celebrate the new year leaving behind my mother and grandmother. 
They were so integral to my very being tho, literally born of each other...
Mom (my heart)

Happy New Year to all u tho! 
'Bout to flip this script!

Love & Light, 

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Enormous Green Vintage Sunglasses from My Friend's Mother and just green dress and kitchen and that green life, ok?

I mean, whattdya know about green?

Wearing a vintage 60s dress & tons of vintage jewelry. 
These glasses were my friend's mother from the 60s/70s in Argentina and she gave them to me.
I cherish them. 

Handmade crochet necklace sold at the Sly Grog
Vintage 60s dress. 

Stickers from Hello the Mushroom.

These 2 are from my closet and they're all listed here!!!!

Me in this work uniform onsie on IG tho-----I look thick in it and kind of rough, but I'm v into it.  I just straight up wear it like a jacket over an outfit for the day.  When it's cold enough.   It hasn't been that cold lately...    Come visit Asheville in the little Airbnb!

Here's a throwback on IG to when it actually was cold when I went snowboarding at Jay's peak in Vermont with my friend I've known since like, 7th grade. 

Yeah, we're wearing matchy-matchy beanies and I'm wearing jnco...

Love & Light, 

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Friday, December 8, 2017

No More Excuses -- The Holidays make me want to Hustle and also stay inside because I'm scared of the cold! LOL!

I basically do the same two things for a living that I did in Tampa and I'm lucky I love what I do.
One of them is sell vintage!
The 'stockroom' needs help.
I bought some cheap wooden poles and $1.18 bike rack hooks from Lowe's to start dealing with my stock in a serious, yet super simple way.

I'm smiling, but I'm embarrassed by my work space & it sucks. 
I'm doing what I need. 
I mean, I needed it years ago tbh, but I'm finally doing it now. 
I've had 3 tables donated, thank you Sparky's!!
And mirrors and a sewing machine donated from my friend's storage! 
I'm getting a 3rd pole from Lowe's because I was ever so subtly reminded that the result should be stockroom, not dressing room. Touché.
So many jokes about poles and needing more poles in the basement, but I'll spare u lolol 

New stock, like the high-waisted 80s acid-wash jeans available here!

Me modeling this peachy-orange vintage 70s maxi dress.  Rly lovely on---has an 'I want to slow dance with your uncle at a wedding' vibe!!!!  
P.S.  I love weddings & old school slow dances---omg & open bars lol!  So that is a v positive vibe!

I also did this fun triple frame (on IG here) showing how I dressed up on a night it was actually chilly.

#1.  I wore straight up leggings and otk socks and boots!! 
I wore a major strapless bra, and fingerless gloves (from Antique Addict when I was an actual teenager lol!)
#2.  Strapless dress over the top!  My children had to help zip me up!!  Borrowed tiny hat from Ms. Empanada!!!  Big black ribbon around my neck!
#3.  Add completely ripped up black vintage velvet coat bought off a street marked in West Asheville & you are ready to party in a strapless dress on a cold night!  

Also, be a guest!!!
If any of you people (&/or pets lolol) are ever nearby, come check out Asheville--(this is the Airbnb link), but there are so many options!!
Plus, it's easier to get around and enjoy in the winter when there are so many less people :)
We have so many fun events happening continually!!!  

Love & Light, 

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Hustle Mind your Bizness & Get to work----that's the best idea

I'm really more worried about the holidays than usual.  I want the kids to enjoy it.
I'll be doubling down on work.

This here is a skirt from a fav dealer Maryce of Antique Addict.  She is a lady that inspired me to become a vintage seller myself.

This look below is a vintage t-shirt and thrifted velvet GAP pants----which are navy blue, not a go-to color 4 me normally, but I love them---REMEMBER TO TRY ON DIF STUFF!!!  I almost didn't attempt these pants bcuz of the navy color & I'm so glad I did!  And booties!

I met this special lady over 20 years ago at her cool kid pad in Seminole Heights thru SamIAm.  It was such an unexpected treat to have her visit----and here she is modeling a PinkCheetahVintage coat from my personal collection.  She looks amazing :)

Let's just say we went on a 'hike' and leave it at that lolol

Bathroom selfie at the coffee/tea shop to hear Maja's friend from the The Hostel in The Forest (sounds like a horror movie, but it's a spiritual retreat...  Which actually still makes perfect sense).

We went to grab coffee one evening and had to park the car to go stand in the pretty purple lights they put up in our small downtown.  It was kinda magical---glad we walked thru <3

In the store now here

Love & Light,